Southampton Council

2021 Conservative gain from Labour, change from 2019

Counting complete. After 16 of 16 seats declared.

Change compared with 2019
  1. Conservative

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 11
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +7
    • Councillors overall total 25
  2. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 5
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -6
    • Councillors overall total 23
  3. Independent

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 0
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -1
    • Councillors overall total 0
  1. Video content

    Video caption: Southampton voters concerned about crime and cost of living

    The new Labour leader of Southampton City Council says concerns about crime and cost of living won them control of the council.

  2. Boris Johnson 'still right man' to lead Tories - leader

    Southampton Conservative leader Daniel Fitzhenry has said he believes Boris Johnson is still the "right man" to run the Conservative Party.

    Speaking to the BBC after the Tories lost control of Southampton City Council, he said the Prime Minister is "getting on with the job" and people "need to support him".

    "We won last year based on the fact that Boris can communicate with an electorate that we have not been able to communicate with before," Mr Fitzhenry said.

    Last year the Conservatives took control of Southampton City Council after nine years.

    But they lost it to Labour in this year's elections.

    "I think the Prime Minister has done the best he can, he has apologised, he's getting on with the job and we need to support him," Mr Fitzhenry added.

  3. Video content

    Video caption: Local Elections: Southampton MP blames cost of living crisis

    MP Royston Smith blames the cost of living crisis for the Conservatives losing control of Southampton City Council.

  4. Cost of living crisis key factor in Southampton results - council leader

    Satvir Kaur speaking to the BBC

    People's trust in Prime Minister Boris Johnson has "completely dissipated", the new council leader in Southampton said.

    Speaking soon after it was confirmed that Labour won back control of Southampton City Council, Satvir Kaur said the cost of living crisis was one of the main reasons that made people vote Labour.

    She said city residents are struggling with rising costs and the stories she heard on the doorstep are "heart-breaking".

    "They want the government to do more and feel as that they can, but they are choosing not to. The trust in Boris Johnson has completely dissipated," she added.

    She also highlighted local issues, such as crime and a lack of police officers.

  5. 'Crime big issue for Sotonians' - new council leader

    Crime, especially anti-social behaviour and drug use, are some of the issues that affected how Southampton residents voted in this year's election, the new council leader said.

    Labour councillor Satvir Kaur, who will be leading Southampton City Council, said there were a number of reasons for her party's victory.

    But she said the way the Conservatives dealt with crime was one of those.

    Speaking to BBC News she said: "Hampshire lost 700 police officers in recent years and we haven't had that back and crime is really high and people do not feel safe and feel it has got worse under this Conservative government and PCC."

  6. How Southampton was won

    After just a year in charge, the Conservatives have lost control of Southampton City Council back to Labour.

    Not only that, but the city also has its first Lib Dem councillor in 11 years.

    Southampton local election results chart
  7. 'We don't know our electorate' - Tory MP

    Southampton Itchen MP Royston Smith has said the Conservatives in Southampton need to better understand the demographics of the city.

    His remarks come as the Tories appear to have lost control of the city council, after just one year.

    As we've been reporting, Mr Smith said the cost of living crisis was one of the main reasons for the results, and that the PM and chancellor needed to do more to help people.

    But he also added that the demographics of the city have changed.

    Speaking to BBC News he said: "I don't think we know our new electorate very well and we need to respond to their needs. Things have changed."

  8. BreakingCost of living crisis behind Tories' losses in Southampton - MP

    Royston Smitn on BBC News
    Image caption: Royston Smith on BBC News

    The cost of living crisis has been blamed for the elections results in Southampton, a city MP said.

    We are still waiting for the final results to be announced.

    But the Conservatives appear to have lost control of Southampton City Council.

    Conservative MP Royston Smith, who represents Southampton Itchen, has told the BBC the cost of living crisis is one of the reasons for today's results.

    He said it was the main issue that came up on the doorstep.

    Mr Smith launched a message to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor saying more needs to be done to help people cope with the rising costs.

  9. Tories lose another seat in Southampton

    Another Conservative cabinet member in Southampton has lost his seat.

    Labour gained Millbrook ward, meaning that Councillor Steven Galton - who was cabinet member environment - has lost his seat.

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  10. Labour threatening Tory control of Southampton

    Professor Sir John Curtice

    Polling expert

    With about a third of the wards in Southampton declared, there's been a swing of seven percentage points from the Conservatives to Labour. If this continues, Labour should take control of the city.

    This is one of the few councils that the Tories appear to be at serious risk of losing.

  11. So far in Southampton

    Results in Southampton have been coming in thick and fast.

    Let's look at what we know so far.

    The Conservatives have lost three seats of the seven they were defending. They only had a majority of one on the council going into this election.

    Two have gone to Labour and one to Lib Dem.

    In Bitterne Park, Labour have made a gain, having not had a seat there since the new wards were brought in in 2002.

    The Lib Dem gain was in Basset, where the Greens did a deal not to put up a candidate asking for their voters to vote Lib Dem.

    Of the 17 seats up for grabs, nine have been declared so far.

  12. First Lib Dem councillor elected in Southampton after years

    A Liberal Democrats councillor has been elected in Southampton for the first time in 11 years.

    Richard Blackman is the newly elected councillor for Bassett ward.

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  13. BreakingLabour make first gain in Southampton

    Emily Hudson

    BBC Radio Solent, Hants and IoW political reporter

    Labour have won a seat from the Conservatives in Southampton.

    Remember the Conservative controlling party only had a majority of one going into tonight.

    Many wards still to declare so this isn’t decisive but interesting.

    Especially when you consider Labour hasn’t had a councillor in leafy Bitterne Park since the wards were created in 2002.

    The Labour gain means that Conservative councillor Rob Harwood - who was cabinet member for customer service and transformation - has lost his seat.

  14. First Sotonian results are in

    First two results are in for Southampton, with Labour holding both.

    Sarah Bogle and Lorna Fielker have both been elected in the Bargate and Swaythling wards, respectively.

  15. 'Southampton is close'

    Emily Hudson

    BBC Radio Solent, Hants and IoW political reporter

    Southampton is close.

    The Conservatives took control of the council last year, after nine years of Labour control. But they only have a majority of one.

    The Conservatives are proud of the work they’ve done to fix potholes and increase parking spaces on some of the city’s residential estates.

    But there is some concern from the leader Daniel Fitzhenry about disillusionment with politicians after Partygate. Labour are hopeful, rather than confident.

    One other interesting point, the Liberal Democrats and Greens have come together “for the planet” in their words.

    They’ve stood down in some wards and asked voters to support the other candidate. The city has never had a Green councillor and it’s been more than ten years since a Liberal Democrat was elected here.

    Vote counting at Southampton Guildhall
    Image caption: Southampton Guildhall