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A third of the seats in Southampton were up for election this year. Find out more about these elections.

Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 8 Total councillors 25 ChangeNo results


Elected in 2018 7 Total councillors 19 ChangeNo results


Elected in 2018 1 Total councillors 4 ChangeNo results
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Anger over closure threat to council care homes

A protest was held at Southampton Civic Centre yesterday over council plans to close its final two care homes in the city.

The demonstration was held ahead of a full council meeting which took place in the afternoon.


More than 70 jobs could be at risk and 75 residents relocated if plans go ahead.

The council said the proposed closures would save about £1.3m per year which it said could be put towards other care options.Councillors said they would listen to concerns made during a public consultation.

Southampton Labour party backs unions over council care home cuts

No fines for overdue library books

It was a book that you couldn't wait to get your hands on, taking in every word as you dived deeper into its chapters.

Now, months - or even years - later, it sits on the shelf after you forgot to take it back to the local library after its lease expired.

But fear the fine no longer, as Southampton City Council announces a chance to return any borrowed book without being billed.

Starting next week, the amnesty fortnight will attempt to boost the city's library stock, encouraging more people to use the service.

City council considers creating energy firm

Southampton City Council is trying to tackle fuel poverty by setting up its own energy firm.

Citizen Energy will operate not-for-profit and provide energy from green sources.

Meanwhile, a controversial decision to scrap Portsmouth's energy company - Victory Energy - will be re-examined, after the city council's Lib Dem cabinet believed it wouldn't be financially viable.

Former Portsmouth leader Conservative Donna Jones has successfully demanded a re-think.