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  1. Second rapid testing site opens next week

    A testing site which will give symptomless key workers a Covid result within 30 minutes will open in Newcastle on Monday.

    The site, at Westgate College, is the second in the city to offer lateral flow tests along with one at the Civic Centre.

    Both are open for key workers who cannot work from home.

    The Westgate College site is open between 10:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday.

    Quote Message: This type of testing will help prevent outbreaks by acting quickly to deny the virus the opportunity to spread throughout key workforces, and I would urge those eligible to access rapid testing at whichever site is most convenient.” from Councillor Irim Ali Newcastle City Council
    Councillor Irim AliNewcastle City Council
    River God Tyne used in testing poster
  2. Still no opening date for Gateshead testing site

    Daniel Holland

    Local Democracy Reporter

    Uncertainty continues to surround an opening date for the North East’s Lighthouse Laboratory Covid testing site.

    Local health chiefs are still awaiting government approval to open the facility, which has been built at the Baltic Park industrial estate in Gateshead.

    The hub, which will create 1,100 jobs, was due to open in December and Newcastle's public health director Eugene Milne said it was “ready to go” at the end of January.

    It was hoped the Lighthouse Lab would open earlier this month, but bosses say they still need “some final information” from the government before it becomes operational.

    Once at full capacity, it should be able to process up to 80,000 Covid tests per day.

    Gloved hands and sample bottle
    Quote Message: We are waiting for some final information from the Department of Health and Social Care before the first Covid test samples can be processed.” from Martin Wilson Integrated Covid Hub North East
    Martin WilsonIntegrated Covid Hub North East
  3. Work to start on demolishing Newcastle tower blocks

    Daniel Holland

    Local Democracy Reporter

    Two Newcastle tower blocks will disappear from the city’s skyline in a matter of months.

    The Titan House and Hexham House high-rise apartments in Walker will be replaced by 50 affordable homes, as part of the regeneration of the Church Walk area.

    Newcastle City Council announced plans to remove the 16-floor blocks in 2018.

    It had hoped the demolition would go ahead the following year and that construction of the new homes would be nearing completion in early 2021.

    It's now expected demolition work, which could take around nine months, will start after a contractor is appointed next month.

    The council confirmed all residents have been moved to new accommodation and work on the regeneration scheme should start next year.

    Titan House and Hexham House
  4. Every eligible Newcastle care home resident vaccinated

    All eligible care home residents in Newcastle and most of the staff looking after them have received the coronavirus vaccine, the doctor leading the project says.

    In less than a fortnight, seven teams made up of a doctor, nurse and administrator went to each of the city's 50 care homes and vaccinated almost 2,000 residents.

    Rebecca Haynes, chief operating officer from Newcastle GP Services, said: "Care homes, their staff and their residents have been impacted deeply by the pandemic, they have all made great sacrifices and being able to provide them with the protection and a glimmer of hope has been incredibly rewarding.

    "We would like to thank every care home, member of staff, GP, nurse, volunteer and resident who has played a critical role in this vaccination programme."

    Care home staff still waiting for their vaccination are being offered slots at the Centre For Life vaccination hub.

    Close up of care home resident and staff
    Quote Message: We are not out of the woods yet and I would urge people to follow the guidance in full, stay at home unless essential and help stop the spread of the virus." from Rebecca Haynes Newcastle GP Services
    Rebecca HaynesNewcastle GP Services