Syrian refugees

A football team for refugees brings communities together
The Sanctuary Strikers have brought players together from countries including Zimbabwe and Sudan.

City of Refuge

The tough choices facing the 100,000 Syrian refugees in Tripoli in Lebanon.
Myriam Francois reports on the tough choices facing Syrian refugees in Tripoli, Lebanon's second city.  A small number have begun returning to Syria. Yet they face risks whether they stay or whether they go back. Tripoli has around 100,000 Syrian refugees, amounting to around 1 in 4 of its population. This has put a strain on relations between native Lebanese and the refugees, especially in a city which feels it is neglected by the capital, Beirut. Myriam follows Dr Mounir Hakimi, a British-Syrian NHS surgeon from Manchester to Tripoli. He has been operating on refugees from his home town of Homs and from other parts of Syria. They need urgent medical attention and cannot afford it without help from the NGO sponsoring Dr Hakimi.  Myriam asks both Syrians and local Lebanese about what the best future is for the refugees in a city which was struggling to provide enough work and services for its people even before their arrival.
Producer: Bob Howard
Birmingham artist's Lebanon trip to help refugee children
Graffiti artist Mohammed "Aerosol" Ali visits Lebanon to help refugee children with his art.
'Why are the children being punished?'
The collapse of the IS group leaves many countries facing a dilemma over fighters' wives and children.
Syria conflict: 'I don't want to go back to there'
Rouaa used to dream about returning home - but the shelling and war has changed her mind.

Syria war: Eight-year-old Mustafa's story of survival

Around half a million Syrians have been killed and many more injured in the last 8 years.
Over the past eight years, it's thought that about half a million Syrians have been killed and many more have been injured. The conflict has led to more people having to flee their homes than in any other crisis of our time. For the past few years, BBC News has been following the story of one little boy, Mustafa, whose parents were both killed in an attack which also gave him life-changing injuries. Caroline Hawley went to meet with Mustafa again at his new home in Jordan. First broadcast: 07.03.2019