Syrian refugees

Covid-19: The refugee who helps vulnerable in Switzerland

A Syrian has set up a volunteer group of refugee friends across the country
This is a challenging time for people around the world as coronavirus continues to spread. But amid all the worrying news, here is an inspiring story of Shadi Shhadeh, a Syrian refugee living in Geneva, Switzerland. He and his wife mobilised their refugee friends across the country to help vulnerable people keep safe from Covid-19. Volunteers from his group, Help From Refugees, go out and get basic supplies for people who need assistance. Shadi Shhadeh explains to Lawrence Pollard where the idea came from.

(Photo: Syrian refugee Shadi Shhadeh with poster offering help to vulnerable people in Switzerland. Credit: Elisabet Diaz Sanmartin/UNHCR)

Putin and Erdogan shake hands on Syria ceasefire

"At critical times, we have always been able to reconcile our differences"
"At critical times, we have always been able to reconcile our differences".  We hear from Gulnur Aybet, Senior advisor to President Erdogan of Turkey about how Russia and Turkey continue to work together - despite massive differences over Syria.

The two leaders have just agreed a ceasefire for Idlib province in the northwest of the country. 

(Photo: Presidents Erdogan and Putin shake hands after their agreement.   Credit: Getty Images)