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#GreaterLondoner: Simba Masaku


BBC London

Simba Masaku

I try to paint a picture of my community through film.

My stories stem from truth and I use cinema to highlight issues in my community.

At the moment we’re filming a story about a recovering alcoholic.

That’s because a lot of people I see around me are taking lots of alcohol and drugs.

I was born and raised in Hounslow so I have a great passion for my hometown.

I was sick of seeing other parts of London always highlighted and Hounslow just being forgotten.

It’s a small community with such a large personality.

We want to show its true beauty through the lens and we’re doing this in our spare time.

Everyone on set is a volunteer doing this out of love and care for the community.

I’m still gobsmacked that my film ended up being streamed online.

It still feels like I’m living in a dream.

I’m having fun and I want everyone else to have fun.

My day job is to help transport kids with ADHD and special needs to school.

I’m always taking these kids to different destinations so it helps me find parts of my town I haven’t seen.

Even if you think you know your hometown, you really don’t.

I always want the heart of my films to be in Hounslow.

I’ll write it in somehow.

Simba Masaku, Hounslow

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