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Trump softens his message on Mexico visit
Republican Donald Trump conveyed a very different message about Mexicans when he visited the country for talks with President Pena Nieto.

Covid-19: Why is this Republican governor criticising President Trump?

There is growing unease among Republicans about the administration's pandemic response
For months, President Trump's response to the pandemic was to play down the threat and focus on reopening the economy and schools. He steered clear of wearing a mask and continued to hold rallies. But as the number of cases and deaths continues to rise in many states, there has been a growing sense of unease in Republican ranks about the impact of this strategy, as well as how it may affect the party's electoral chances in November. 

This unease has translated into open criticism from Larry Hogan, the Republican Governor of Maryland. He explains what prompted him to go public - but fails to be drawn on whether or not he'll vote for the president in November. 

Photo: Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan. Credit: Getty Images