Shamima Begum case

Women look at al-Shabab fighters following a demonstration

Martine Zeuthen & Gayatri Sahgal


Women are often portrayed as peacemakers, but research suggests they can play an active role in extremism.

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Child in al-Hol camp

Quentin Sommerville

BBC News

Al-Hol is a Syrian camp that has grown to 70,000 people - inside are the women and children of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

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Sajid Javid on Shamima Begum and UK nationals in Syria
Sajid Javid says he would not "shy away from using those powers at my disposal to protect this country".
Diane Abbott questions Sajid Javid on Shamima Begum baby
The shadow home secretary says Shamima Begum was "Britain’s responsibility" and should have been allowed back in the UK with her baby.