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    Video caption: Rebecca said the stress of living in poverty affected her children's mental health
  2. Helping my community – “it’s like we’re in a war”

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    Video caption: “Changing lives for the better” in one of the most deprived parts of England.

    Households across the UK are coming under increasing pressure because of rising living costs. In Middlesbrough, the Genesis Project is a rare oasis of hope.

  3. Afghanistan - a cold and hungry peacetime

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    Video caption: One million children at risk from severe malnourishment as Afghanistan heads into winter.

    A harsh winter is accelerating Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis. Since the Taliban’s seizure of power, and international sanctions, the economy has gone into freefall.

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    Video caption: More than a third of children in London are currently living in poverty

    Many families will rely on food banks to get through Christmas

  5. By Ed Thomas

    Special Correspondent

    Pastor Mick comforts John

    Emergency mental health referrals are soaring in East Lancashire - and in Burnley, former drug dealer Pastor Mick is offering a lifeline to those who can't always get the support they need.

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