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    Video caption: Hayabusa-2: Japan asteroid sample lands safely on Earth

    Material from a space rock called Ryugu could provide an ''exciting key'' to the origins of the Solar System.

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    Video caption: Nasa's Osiris-Rex asteroid probe: Picking a parking space from 200 million miles

    Nasa's Osiris-Rex probe will attempt to pick up a sample of Asteroid Bennu on Tuesday.

  3. By Paul Rincon

    Science editor, BBC News website


    The Hayabusa-2 spacecraft sends back images of the crater made when it detonated an explosive charge on the asteroid it is exploring.

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  4. By Paul Rincon

    Science editor, BBC News website

    Hayabusa 2

    A new image from Japan's Hayabusa-2 spacecraft reveals a dark splodge where it touched down on the surface of an asteroid last week.

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    Video caption: Asteroid pioneers: The team who put rovers on a space rock

    Japan's space agency Hayabusa-2 spacecraft is the first one to place robot rovers on an asteroid's surface.