The Brexit Party in Wales

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    Video caption: Brexit: 'We're leaving and we are taking our flag with us'

    Ahead of the UK leaving the EU on Friday, Welsh MEPs have been packing up in Brussels.

  2. Leaders Lounge: The morning after

    Former party leaders in Wales have been chewing the fat with Betsan Powys for a series of BBC Radio Wales podcasts during the campaign - this morning they were live on the air with their reaction to the result.

    Hear them now - Carwyn Jones, Andrew RT Davies, Leanne Wood, Lord German and Caroline Jones.

    Leaders Lounge
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    Video caption: Election 2019: Do you know about party pacts in Wales?

    When voters go to the polls on Thursday, they may find that not all political parties are represented on their ballot paper.

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    Video caption: Nigel Farage: 'Vote Brexit Party' to hold Tories to account

    Nigel Farage says he will not be "dragged into a second referendum" by Labour.