1. Protests as Italy tightens restrictions

    Naples protest, 25 Oct 20
    Image caption: Naples protest: Many small businesses now fear bankruptcy

    A partial lockdown is taking effect in Italy to curb the rising infection rate, with restrictions similar to those in force now in Spain, France and Belgium.

    • Italian bars and restaurants now have to close at 18:00, and gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and theatres will be shut until at least 24 November. Confirmed daily cases have risen above 21,000. There were protests in Naples, with businesses demanding compensation, and protests are planned today in Milan and Turin
    • Spain now has a curfew in force between 23:00 and 06:00, initially for 15 days, but it could be extended to six months. That’s tough in a country where people traditionally eat out at night. Spain has passed one million cases since the crisis began. Regions may now impose travel restrictions, and gatherings of different households are restricted to a maximum of six people
    • The French health authorities say the country may be getting 100,000 new cases daily - twice the official figure. Prof Jean-Francois Delfraissy said the estimated figure included undiagnosed and asymptomatic cases
    • The Czech Republic is among the hardest-hit countries in Europe and an emergency field hospital with 500 beds has just been set up on the edge of Prague. Table service has ended in all food outlets, schools have moved online and all non-essential shops have closed.
  2. Madrid lockdown tussle as infections rise in Europe

    Isabel Díaz Ayuso
    Image caption: Madrid's regional president has urged residents not to leave the capital and to follow health recommendations

    Spain's government imposed a partial lockdown on 4.78 million people in Madrid last Friday night but a court has overturned it, intensifying a political row with the capital's political leaders. For now Madrid regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso says residents should stick within the city limits. But she rejects the state of alert PM Pedro Sánchez insists on. He's given her an ultimatum ahead of a long holiday weekend.

    Brussels Premier Rudi Vervoort has tested positive as Belgium today begins new measures to control the spread. The whole Brussels regional government went into self isolation on Wednesday night and a Flemish minister’s office colleague has died of the virus. Belgians can now keep only three close contacts, let four people into their homes at the same time, and cafes have to close at 23:00.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold video talks with the mayors of 11 of Germany's biggest cities today – 4,516 new cases have been reported today and 487 more people are in intensive care.

    Czech health officials have recorded 5,394 new infections – the third time this week the republic has seen a record number since the pandemic began. More than 100 deaths have been recorded this week and there has been a big jump in hospital admissions. Restaurants and pubs will start closing at 20:00 from tonight, and gyms, swimming pools and zoos are shutting.

    As infections rise sharply in the Netherlands, dozens of people have been arrested during a protest against Covid measures in The Hague. Twenty staff have tested positive at a hospital in the south-eastern province of Limburg.

  3. Video content

    Video caption: Coronavirus: Rapid antigen test rolled out in Madrid

    The test gives results in 15 minutes and costs less than five euros.

  4. Lockdown battle over Madrid: Latest around Europe

    Madrid's regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso
    Image caption: Madrid's regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso is challenging the lockdown order

    The Spanish capital and nine towns around it have been given 48 hours to impose a lockdown as infections rise, but Madrid's centre-right local leaders argue the order isn’t valid. Social contact and moving between different areas will be strictly limited under the ministry of health order published this morning. But Madrid's regional leader Isabel Díaz Ayuso insists Spain's inter-territorial health council, which voted for the lockdown, "can't impose anything". Spain reported 11,016 new infections late on Wednesday and Madrid has 4,810 of them.

    Germany has issued travel warnings for 11 European countries – there are advisories for Belgium, Iceland and parts of UK, including Wales and Northern Ireland, and also Ireland's border area with Northern Ireland.

    Parisians will find out this evening whether bars and restaurants are to shut because of rising infections. Infections in the capital are up to 263 per 100,000 people, but reports say the government wants to hold off for now.

    Meanwhile, after six months of closure, the legendary Crazy Horse cabaret club in Paris opens its doors tonight after six months – there will be a limit of 150 spectators instead of 250.

    A state of emergency has come into force in Slovakia, where face masks must be worn outside if a safe distance cannot be maintained.

    Mask requirements are being lifted today in most of the Belgian capital, Brussels, and gatherings of more than 1,000 people will be allowed in Switzerland from today.