UK immigration

  1. Eunice 1949

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    Video caption: Eunice Daley is living with her uncle a year after arriving from the West Indies.

    It’s 1949, and a year after arriving on the Empire Windrush, Eunice Daley finds herself moving into a room in her uncle’s house, her belongings crammed into cardboard boxes.

  2. Sitting in Limbo

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    Video caption: A shocking drama inspired by the Windrush scandal

    A shocking drama inspired by the Windrush scandal. After 50 years in the UK, Anthony Bryan is wrongfully detained by the Home Office and threatened with deportation.

  3. Georgia Brown: Who Are the Cockneys Now?

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    Video caption: Singer and actress Georgia Brown revisits her old home in Whitechapel, East London. (1968)

    First transmitted in 1968, Georgia Brown revisits her childhood Whitechapel home to see how the Jewish community is coming to terms with a more diverse immigrant population.

  4. The Left Behind

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    Video caption: Factual drama about a young man drawn into a far-right hate crime.

    Support for the far right is growing in Britain’s post-industrial towns and cities. This factual drama tells the story of a young man who gets drawn into a far right hate crime.