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Personal trainer Mark Henderson got calf implants after struggling with his body image.
Personal trainer Mark Henderson to 5 Live that he struggled with his body image after an accident.

Overcoming my body hangups

Danish comedian Sofie Hagen and British blogger Chidera Eggerue on their body insecurities
We asked Danish comedian Sofie Hagen and British blogger Chidera Eggerue, who both campaign against body shaming, about their own body insecurities. 

Image: Chidera and Sofie hold the pictures drawn of them. Credit: BBC

Filmed and edited by Ellen Tsang
The former glamour model talks about the recent increase in breast augmentations
Former glamour model Melinda Messenger reflects on the breast augmentation she had in her 20s.

Pause For Thought: 'All bodies are beautiful whatever their size.'

Reverend Kate Bottley celebrates the body.
Miss Wyre Forest: 'I don't call myself a beauty queen'
Miss Wyre Forest wants to show that beauty - and beauty queens - are more than skin deep.