Tom Watson

Anger at WhatsApp security breach

MPs say WhatsApp attack is "terrifying".
MPs have said it's "terrifying" that hackers were able to install remote surveillance software on phones and other devices using a weakness in the messaging and phone service, WhatsApp. 

Facebook, which owns the app, said only a select number of users were affected. 

But there was anger in the Commons, as Mandy Baker reports.

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The deputy leader urges voters to reject "nationalism" and "populism" in the EU elections
The deputy leader urges voters to reject "nationalism" and "populism" in the EU elections.

Call for criminal investigation into Huawei leak

A criminal investigation should be carried out into leaked information from the National Security Council, says the deputy leader of the Labour.

Tom Watson, MP

The South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson has strenuously denied he leaked information regarding the Chinese tech giant Huawei.

West Bromwich MP, Tom Watson said that Mr Williamson has "a right to clear his name" and the best way to do that was through a criminal inquiry.

"This is about the law applying equally to everyone. We have had very high profile civil servants going to jail for breaching the Official Secrets Act," he said.

The logic of the Prime Minister's letter is that she says she has compelling evidence that suggest he has done the same. He's denying it and he has the right to clear his name.

Tom WatsonDeputy Leader, Labour

West Brom MP steps up call for Labour referendum pledge

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson has said the party must "listen to the members" who support a public vote on any Brexit deal.


Speaking ahead of a meeting of the shadow cabinet and Labour's National Executive Committee, the West Bromwich East MP said he had been "inundated with thousands of emails" from members suggesting Labour voters wanted "a people's vote on any deal that parliament can agree".

Labour's governing body is meeting to discuss whether to call for a public vote on Brexit as part of its European election manifesto.

Government to tackle football racism

Ministers hope to take action soon
The House of Commons has not exactly been a place of unity recently, but for forty minutes all that changed as MPs from all sides came together to condemn a recent rise in racism in football. 

The Government was setting out its plans to combat the behaviour of a minority of fans at matches home and abroad. 

Mandy Baker reports.

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