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One in ten win claims for pavement trips

More than 100 compensation claims have been made to Cumbria County Council by people who have tripped over on uneven pavements in the past year.

The figures, gathered by the motoring business the AA, said just under one in 10 resulted in a compensation being paid out.

Councillor calls for campaign to counter ferry blow

There's a call today for a marketing campaign for Lake District communities that have lost business because the Windermere ferry is out of action.

James Airey at ferry

Councillor James Airey, who leads the Conservative opposition group on the authority, says businesses are losing up to 40% of their trade since the ferry's engine was wrecked in a blaze, putting the vessel out of action until October.

He has written to the Labour and Liberal Democrat groups that run the council asking for the council to pay for advertising "before this year's tourist season is lost".

Defence ministry moves to strengthen hold on Warcop ranges

There are fears that huge areas of Pennine moorland in Cumbria could be developed more for military training under plans by the Ministry of Defence.


Some of the ranges are classed as common land, meaning that when training is not in progress people can walk on the paths, and no development, such as roads, can take place without a minister's permission.

In 2001, the Ministry of Defence bought out grazing rights, but said the land would stay common, but now it has applied to Cumbria County Council to have the registration removed.

There will be a public inquiry into the change in Kendal, in September.

Northern manager grilled over Lakes Line failings

Bob Cooper

Political reporter, BBC Cumbria

Northern Rail has been facing tough questions from county councillors on the South Lakeland Local Committee.

At a meeting in Kendal, councillors accused the operator of sacrificing the Lakes Line for the sake of other areas, after services were suspended in June.

Northern's stakeholder manager for the east region, Pete Myers, says the decision to suspend services was due to the particular requirements for driver training on the line.

Northen Train at Oxenholme

Millom pool campaigners cancel demo after talks offer

Campaigners trying to get the existing swimming pool in Millom reopened have cancelled a demonstration planned for this morning after an offer of meetings with Cumbria County Council.

Public meeting of pool campaigners

Local people packed into a public meeting to call for Cumbria County Council, which looks after the pool at Millom School, to repair faults in the pool building rather than close it.

The council said that for safety the pool should be completely closed, demolished, and rebuilt.

This morning a posting on the campaigners' Facebook page reproduced a letter from the county council offering access to the pool for a surveyor to inspect the problems, but saying a tower scaffold would be needed to see the roof.

Night-time curfew for mum whose son missed third of schooling

A Carlisle mum whose teenage son missed a third of his schooling over an 18-month period has been given a three-month night-time curfew

Cumbria County Council prosecuted the mother, who can't be named because of legal reasons, in view of the boy's poor attendance rate.

She was charged with being the parent of a compulsory school age child who failed to attend regularly.

Magistrates were told that the son's attendance figure between September 2016 and March this year was 57%. In contrast, his peer group's rate was 94%.

Millom flood report prompts call for more defences

People in Millom whose homes were flooded last year are calling for better defences, as the final report into the causes of the flooding is made public today.

Local campaigners who supported those affected say 300 homes were inundated and some homeowners say they have not been able to get an insurance payout.

Millom rainfall map
Metdesk/Cumbria County Council

Maps in the report show the flooding was caused by a narrow band of intense rainfall which, county council engineers say, overwhelmed drains.