Solar power

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    Video caption: The railways in the UK, Australia and India getting power from the sun in different ways.

    The railways in the UK, Australia and India getting power from the sun in different ways.

  2. North Dorset field to power half City of London

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    Video caption: A solar farm near Blandford will supply electricity to power half of London's Square Mile.
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    Video caption: Cardiff: Can it become carbon neutral in a decade?

    Fresh food, solar panels and a better world for our children and grandchildren is the plan.

  4. New solar farm to help achieve pollution targets

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey Electricity says its new solar farm will help the island achieve its target to become carbon neutral in the next 10 years.

    The power company has been given permission to install more than 1,000 sq m (10,760 sq ft) of the panels at Woodside Farm in Trinity.

    Once the panels have been installed, they should produce enough energy to power 37 homes.

    Work is due to start on the project next month.

  5. Solar project could lower householders' bills

    BBC Radio Devon

    Future residents of a new housing estate in Devon could benefit from lower energy bills, as a result of a new project.

    Solar panels

    The new estate is being built at Clay Park in Dartington and all the houses' electricity will be generated by solar panels on the site.

    Of the 31 eco-homes, 70% will be affordable and shares will be offered in the energy scheme which has been given a grant of £30,000 by the South West Energy Hub.

    Totnes Renewable Energy Society (Tresoc) which is running the project, intends to raise the capital to install the solar PV panels, microgrid, and operating system, estimated to cost £180,000, through a community share-offer.

    Sally Murrall-Smith of Tresoc said: "It's a big learning curve to be able to give a decent return to shareholders.

    "But it's exciting to prove that we can do this and make renewable energy affordable for everyone."