Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

  1. Rise in smoking-related fires prompts warning

    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents to take extra care at home after a rise in the number of smoking-related fires.

    A firefighter

    Firefighters attended 11 smoking related incidents in April across the region, compared to a usual average of only two incidents per month, said GMFRS.

    Many of these fires started due to lit smoking materials being discarded carelessly, said a spokesman.

    Tony Hunter, Assistant Chief FIre Officer, said:

    Quote Message: We recognise that due to the restrictions in movement members of the public are at home more than ever and with that comes an increase of risk from fire and for this reason we are asking people to take extra care.
    Quote Message: A fire at any time puts lives at risk and can have a lasting impact on those involved. However, the pandemic increases the risk and the impact significantly.
  2. Moorland fire affecting Stalybridge

    People are being urged to avoid Stalybridge and residents told to keep windows and doors closed due to a fire in the Derbyshire Dales.

    Firefighters from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service are at the scene.

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  3. Firefighters warn people not to burn garden waste

    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are urging residents to avoid burning household waste in their gardens, after being called to two such fires on Monday.

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  4. Fire services urge public to help protect moorlands

    Greater Manchester and Lancashire fire services are asking people to protect moorlands in the North West and avoid using them for barbecues.

    A Firefighter

    The warning comes after firefighters dealt with a large fire near Bacup earlier and also tackled a large wildfire near Winter Hill last month.

    The services warn that with warmer weather comes an increase in moorland fires, and with the weekend set to be dry and warm, people are urged to avoid using them for exercise or recreation.

    Adrian Taylor, wildfire lead at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, said:

    Quote Message: If people are abiding by the government guidance to stay at home, there can be absolutely no reason to be on the moors with a barbecue.
    Quote Message: We have seen all too clearly in recent years how quickly these fires spread, and it is the last thing we need to be dealing with right now.
  5. Fire service warns people to safely dispose of charcoal and ash

    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is warning people to make sure they safely dispose of the contents of chimneys and barbecues.

    A firefighter

    The warning comes after firefighters attended an incident on Saturday when a wheelie bin caught fire, spreading to two houses and destroying a car.

    The services says the fire started after charcoal remains from a chimney were put into the bin without being properly extinguished.

    GMFRS's Paul Fearnhead said:

    Quote Message: It is only thanks to the quick response of firefighters that this fire did not cause more damage than it did.
    Quote Message: With the warm and sunny weather set to continue for the next few days, we are urging people to please dispose of ashes and charcoal properly.