Electric bikes and scooters

  1. E-scooter tech could detect drunk riders

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Tom Dare

    An E-scooter trial in Birmingham could see the vehicles equipped with technology to detect drunk riders, it has been revealed.

    A national 12-month pilot scheme launched in September, but quickly ran into difficulties. In Birmingham, safety concerns saw the original fleet of 200 electric scooters scaled back to 50.

    E-scooter fished out of canal

    In Coventry it was paused after only five days, after reports of anti-social behaviour by riders, including instances of them being ridden on pavements.

    At the moment, they can only be ridden in Birmingham's city centre - with geo-fencing used to stop them being ridden beyond certain boundaries.

    However, the area they can be used could be expanded, a city council committee meeting heard - possibly as far as Selly Oak in the south and Handsworth Wood to the north.

    The same geo-fencing technology is also being considered to prevent the e-scooters being used on the city's canal towpaths, after it was revealed magnet fishers have been asked to retrieve some from the water (pictured above).

  2. Magnet fishing group asked to help retrieve e-scooters

    A group that uses magnets to fish metal items out of Birmingham's canals has been asked to help retrieve missing e-scooters.


    A 12-month trial of the devices is taking place across parts of the West Midlands by Swedish company Voi.

    Marie Collins, from the Peaky Dippers group, said it had helped fish one from the water and the company had "already told us where there's a few that need pulling out".

    A spokesperson from Voi said the company was against any acts of vandalism that could lead to pollution and was developing a "drowning feature" that would alert it immediately when a scooter ended up under water.

    Since launching in the city, the company said there had been more than 24,000 rides taken by more than 6,700 unique users.

  3. E-bike share scheme 'could start in 2021'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    The new president of Environment and Infrastructure said Guernsey could see a new e-bike share scheme as early as next year.

    Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez has been calling for a new e-bike scheme in the island for a number of months.

    She said they were expecting a commercial operator to bring in the new scheme shortly.

  4. Torbay police to carry out stop-checks on e-scooters

    Andrew Segal

    BBC South West

    Police in Torbay are to carry out stop-checks on e-scooter riders after warning the increasingly popular two-wheeled vehicles cannot be ridden on a UK public road, cycle lane or pavement.

    Paignton Police said the scooters were classed as personal light electric vehicles, and "so they are treated as motor vehicles and are subject to all the same legal requirements - MoT, tax, licensing, lighting, number plates, helmet use, etc".

    They said anyone riding one on a public highway was committing an offence and "the only place an e-scooter can be used is on private land, with the permission of the landowner".

    Officers said they would be carrying out the checks in Paignton and Brixham in the coming month.

    They said: "If people continually flout the rules, we will have no alternative but to report people for road traffic offences and seize their scooters, where necessary."

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  5. E-scooters should be legalised says Transport Committee

    E-scooters should be legalised on roads but riding on pavements should be prohibited, the Transport Committee of MPs has said.

    Currently, privately-owned e-scooters are banned for use in the UK anywhere except on private land.

    The committee argues the vehicles, which usually travel 9-15 mph, could offer a green alternative to the car.

    Official trials of rented e-scooters are being carried out on Teesside, Milton Keynes Borough, Northamptonshire, and the West Midlands.

    Man on e-scooter
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  7. E-scooter ridden 'unbelievably' along motorway

    An electric scooter rider has been stopped by police for riding along a motorway.

    Police said "unbelievably" they were found riding the scooter along the M3 near Eastleigh, Hampshire.

    The rider was fined, given six penalty points and had their scooter seized.

    On 4 July, rental e-scooters became legal on roads (except motorways!) in Great Britain, but it is an offence to ride a privately owned one on a public road, cycle lane or pavement in the UK.

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