1. Happy Diwali!

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    Video caption: Justin and his friend cook Indian food, and the Tumble family celebrate Diwali.

    Justin’s friend teaches him how to make Indian chapatis as part of a family banquet. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is preparing a Diwali surprise for the rest of his family.

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    Video caption: Toxic foam covers sacred Yamuna river in India

    Hindu devotees are filmed bathing in the Yamuna river to mark the Chhath Puja religious festival.

  3. How my Hindu faith inspires a love for the environment

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    Video caption: Sheila Chauhan explains how protecting the environment is a tenet of her Hindu faith

    Climate activist Sheila Chauhan says the protection of the environment is a fundamental teaching of her Hindu faith and that the energy of God is found in all living things.

  4. Families in Yorkshire get together for Diwali celebrations

    Jhangir Ahmed

    BBC Radio Leeds

    Hindus,Sikhs and Jains across Yorkshire are celebrating Diwali - the festival of lights.

    Diwali candles

    Tonight is the darkest night in the lunar calendar, on which oil lamps will be lit to signify the victory of light over dark and good over evil.

    The Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple in Bradford (pictured below) is getting ready to celebrate for the first time in two years, after the coronavirus pandemic put a halt on celebrations in 2020.

    Bradford Hindu Temple
    Image caption: Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple - Bradford

    However, this year there will be no fireworks.

    Vice chairman of the temple Deepak Sharma says: "For the first time in 25 years we’ve decided not to do any fireworks.

    "We just thought we’d not do it this year, but it’s nice people are celebrating Diwali together."

  5. What is Diwali? Ashwin explains

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    Video caption: Ashwin Jai Rodrigues talks about how Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is celebrated.

    Ashwin Jai Rodrigues talks about how Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is celebrated in Scotland and further afar.