Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Conservatives take control of Dudley council

The Conservatives gained 12 seats to secure an overall majority. Read the full story here.

2021 Conservative gain from no overall control, change from 2019

Counting complete. After 26 of 26 seats declared.

Change compared with 2019
  1. Conservative

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 23
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +12
    • Councillors overall total 46
  2. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 3
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -11
    • Councillors overall total 24
  3. Independent

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 0
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change 0
    • Councillors overall total 2
  4. UK Independence Party

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 0
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -1
    • Councillors overall total 0
  1. Tories celebrate 'pretty successful night' in Dudley

    Dudley Council's Conservative leader said keeping control of the authority was "a pretty successful night for the party".

    Patrick Harley, who saw his party lose two seats but remain in charge, said he was pleased to see the Tories competing strongly with Labour.

    "Twelve years into a Tory government, fairly unpopular at the moment and we are snapping at their heels in some of their strongest seats," he said.

    When asked what Labour could do going forward, councillor Qadar Zada called for “more of the same".

    "We’ve got to continue listening to people, we’ve got to continue fighting their agenda and putting their efforts in front of the council."

  2. Dudley stays under Tory control but majority cut

    Dudley Council remains in the hands of the Conservative Party but they have seen their majority cut by Labour.

    Defending 15 seats, the Tories lost two to the Labour Party but held 13 to give them an overall total of 46.

    The Conservatives took control of the council in 2021 for the first time in a decade.

  3. 'Bread and butter issues' key for Dudley Tory leader

    The leader of Dudley Council said he is "overjoyed" to have kept his seat.

    Patrick Harley

    The Conservative Party took control of the authority last year for the first time in a decade and, at the start of the night, Patrick Harley said he would count "neutral position at the end of the night" as "a very successful campaign".

    He put his win down to remaining focused on "bread and butter issues".

  4. West Midlands results to watch out for

    Here are some of the key contests to look out for tonight in the West Midlands - be aware, low turnouts in some areas could mean results come through more quickly than expected.

    Tamworth: The Conservative majority is unassailable. Last year they won every ward. If they did so again, Labour would be reduced to a single seat.

    Estimated result declaration: 02:00

    Worcester: The Conservatives eked out a majority of one last year. There are a couple of Labour seats in their targets this year but they also have to defend in Claines against the Lib Dems. So it could slip into hung territory again.

    Estimated result declaration: 02:00

    Counting in Worcester

    Redditch: Labour won here in 2016 but the Conservatives captured the council in 2018, when boundaries changed, and last year became almost completely dominant. A repeat performance would see Labour reduced to a single seat so, clearly, they'll be looking to turn the tide.

    Estimated result declaration: 02:30

    Sandwell: Labour's majority is unassailable. However, the government said in January it was minded to appoint commissioners to run the council after a series of misconduct allegations. Keir Starmer has also said there needs to be change at the council.

    Estimated result declaration: 03:00

    Wolverhampton: This is almost a straight Lab v Con battle, and last year the Conservatives made five gains, following on from their strong showing at the general election. Labour's majority isn't in doubt but they will want to prevent a repeat performance.

    Estimated result declaration: 03:30

    People ready to count in Wolverhampton

    Nuneaton and Bedworth: A Conservative gain last year when they added 10 seats. If they do anywhere near as well they'll add more seats this year. It's hard to see how Labour make any progress.

    Estimated result declaration: 04:00

    Dudley: A very strong performance by the Conservatives last year saw them take control for the first time in a decade. If they can get anywhere close to repeating the performance they will strengthen their grip on the council.

    Estimated result declaration: 04:30

    Coventry: Labour will win another comfortable majority but Keir Starmer may have made things harder for the party after he was accused of sniggering about Coventry in an interview about the city's bin strike and union funding.

    Estimated result declaration: 05:00

  5. When to expect local results to be declared

    Eight councils are expected to declare their results tonight in the West Midlands with a further six counting during the day on Friday.

    Counting in Sandwell tonight

    We have rough estimated declaration times for those authorities which is when we expect to be able to tell if control of the councils has changed or if one party has strengthened their grip or suffered losses.


    • Tamworth - estimated result declaration: 02:00
    • Worcester - estimated result declaration: 02:00
    • Redditch - estimated result declaration: 02:30
    • Sandwell - estimated result declaration: 03:00
    • Wolverhampton - estimated result declaration: 03:30
    • Nuneaton and Bedworth - estimated result declaration: 04:00
    • Dudley - estimated result declaration: 04:30
    • Coventry - estimated result declaration: 05:00

    On Friday:

    • Solihull - estimated result declaration: 13:00
    • Cannock Chase - estimated result declaration: 13:00
    • Walsall - estimated result declaration: 13:30
    • Rugby - estimated result declaration: 16:00
    • Newcastle-under-Lyme - estimated result declaration: 17:30
    • Birmingham - estimated result declaration: 18:00
  6. Disabled councillor says authority not taking her seriously

    BBC Radio WM

    A Dudley councillor has slammed the local authority, saying she is left unable to attend meetings due to accessibility problems with the building.

    Elaine Taylor accused the council of "failing disabled people" like her after she arrived for a meeting on the second floor and found the lift out of order.

    The member for Netherton, Woodside & St Andrew's Ward says she has had mobility problems for about four years.

    Elaine Taylor

    "I am absolutely angry and frustrated," she said. "These meetings are important, they're what we're elected to do, and I find that I'm not able to get there... there's no way I can get up to the second floor without a lift.

    "Any disabled visitor has to take the same route that I take, so if it's happening to me as an elected member, it's happening to the general public.

    "I am not feeling they are taking me seriously enough to make the adjustments that they need. I feel this council is just failing disabled people, full stop."

    The council has been approached for comment.

  7. How the Conservatives won control in Dudley

  8. Labour need to 'go away and understand' lack of support

    The Labour leader of Dudley council, Councillor Qadar Zada, has said the party need to "go away and understand" why it didn't get the support in the election.

    Some counting is still left to do, but the Tories will have overall control.

    Councillor Qadar Zada
    Quote Message: I always came into this thinking this would be an unusual election. I was expecting an unusual result if I'm honest. I wasn't expecting to have the number of losses that we've experienced." from Qadar Zada Councillor
    Qadar ZadaCouncillor
  9. 'Great night' for Tories in Dudley, says leader

    "This is a great night for the Conservative Party in Dudley" - the words from the Conservative group leader in Dudley.

    "We appear to be sweeping the boards gaining seat after seat, but not just scraping through, but getting fantastic majorities," Councillor Patrick Harley told the BBC.

    Patrick Harley

    "It's a total rejection of the Labour party from the people of Dudley.

    "Our programme of regeneration and trying to rebuild this borough and make it better is connecting with the people of the borough."

  10. Votes still being counted in Dudley

    Rob Mayor

    Political reporter, BBC Radio WM

    More results are still to come but the Tories have enough for a majority.

    They've taken nine seats from Labour so far, with more counting still to do.

  11. BreakingConservatives secure overall majority at Dudley council

    Our reporter Ben Godfrey says the Conservatives have secured an overall majority of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

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  12. Gains for the Tories in Dudley

    Rob Mayor

    Political reporter, BBC Radio WM

    We need more results before it's official but there is no doubt the Conservatives are well on their way to taking control of Dudley in a big win.

    Counting in Dudley

    Tories here are excitedly chatting about possibilities elsewhere eyeballing the potential for gains in Walsall, Wolverhampton and even the rock solid Labour territory of Sandwell.

    The following ward areas have all declared as a gain for the Tories from Labour:

    • Brierley Hill
    • Upper Gornal & Woodsetton
    • Brockmoor & Pensnett
    • Quarry Bank & Dudley Wood
  13. Masks and hand sanitiser at the ready

    Ben Godfrey

    BBC Midlands Today

    Vote verification is under way in Dudley.

    We have been allowed a very brief moment to film the counting from the floor.

    There are screens up separating the counting staff from candidates and staff.

    General view of count in Dudley

    I'm told the council ordered more than 30,000 masks and more than 1,600 bottles of hand sanitiser for the local election counting.

    The Conservative leader Patrick Harley has told me he believes his party is heading for a large number of gains from Labour and a clear overall majority, but just two wards on Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council have declared so far.

    Ballot boxes arrive in Dudley