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Cargo aircraft's levers froze on approach to airport

Del Crookes

BBC News Online

The flight controls and power levers of a cargo plane travelling from East Midlands Airport to the Channel Islands froze near the end of the journey, according to an Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) investigation.

The incident happened on 14 February as the aircraft started its descent into Guernsey Airport.

A trainee pilot tried to right the plane as it banked to the left sharply with its nose down, before the commander managed to return the aircraft to a safe flight path.

Guernsey Airport

As the aircraft descended, the flight controls and power levers returned to normal and a safe landing was carried out, according to the report.

Manufacturer, BAE Systems, said it had reissued advice relating to wear in a locking mechanism and the purging of moisture from engine control cables.

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