Queen Victoria

  1. Lucy Worsley's Royal Palace Secrets

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    Video caption: Lucy Worsley takes us behind closed doors at three treasure-filled royal palaces.

    Historian Lucy Worsley takes us behind closed doors at three treasure-filled royal palaces to uncover how each building has shaped a monarchy and a nation.

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    Video caption: Banjo Paterson: 120-year-old chocolate found 'preserved' in poet's belongings

    Australian historians find remarkably well-preserved chocolate, giving a fascinating glimpse into history.

  3. Graffiti removed from statue of Queen Victoria in Leeds

    Work has begun to remove graffiti from a statue of Queen Victoria in Leeds.

    graffiti removed from statue of Queen Victoria

    The bronze sculpture on Woodhouse Moor in the Hyde Park area of the city had been sprayed with words including "murderer" and "slave owner".

    The city council said it had an obligation to remove graffiti from the statue but said all statues of historic figures will be subject to a city-wide review.

    It comes after a statue of 17th Century slave trader Edward Colston was torn off its plinth in Bristol by protesters, prompting calls for statues of other figures with links to slavery and imperialism to be removed.

    A Leeds City Council spokesman said: "We think it is important to understand the history and context of each of our statues and we will, therefore, undertake a city-wide review of our statues and related cultural history."

    graffiti removed from statue of Queen Victoria
  4. A plot to assassinate the Queen

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    Video caption: Kirsten O'Brien hears of a plan to kill Queen Victoria at Windsor station.
  5. Queen Victoria's clothes to be auctioned in Derbyshire

    Gavin Bevis

    BBC News

    A skirt, bodice and bloomers once owned by Queen Victoria are to go under the hammer in Derbyshire.

    The clothing was handed to royal photographer Alexander Lamont Henderson more than a century ago and passed down the generations.

    His great-great-grandson Roderick Williams, from Norwich, said he was selling the items - which also include a pair of boots believed to have belonged to the monarch - as he needed to make some space.

    Queen Victoria's former outfit

    He said: "[My grandfather] worked as a royal photographer for Queen Victoria up to her death in 1901 and we think the clothes were probably given to him by servants in the royal household, perhaps in return for taking photographs of them."

    Auctioneer Charles Hanson said: “Famously, after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert in 1861, she [Queen Victoria] wore black for the rest of her life and the bodice and skirt we’re selling are black.

    “Her leather ankle boots show how dainty and narrow her feet were."

    The items will be auctioned individually in Etwall on Tuesday with guide prices ranging from £800 to £2,000.

    Boots possibly owned by Queen Victoria
  6. queen-victoria-portrait.

    There is a very special Proms event tonight in London, as Queen Victoria's piano is going to be played in public for the very first time. The concert is being held to mark 200 years since she was born. Find out more about the queen who ruled for 63 years.

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    Video caption: Queen Victoria as you've never seen her before

    High-quality film of Queen Victoria on her last trip to Ireland has been rediscovered.