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    Video caption: Conquering K2 in winter 'together'

    The BBC speaks to Nirmal Purja, one of the team of Nepalese climbers who made history by climbing to the K2 summit in winter for the first time.

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    Video caption: The story of the German director who pioneered 'mountain filming'

    In the 1920s Arnold Fanck began shooting films high in the mountains. He brought spectacular images of the scenery to an audience who had never seen anything like it before.

  3. Record breaking mountaineer attempts K2 in winter

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    Video caption: Nirmal Purja is embarking on the climb in the harshest conditions

    Nirmal Purja is embarking on the climb in the harshest conditions.

  4. Mountain festival hopes to explore a wider audience online

    The organisers of the Kendal Mountain Festival, that starts today, hope it'll find a wider audience online this year.

    The festival, which normally brings tens of thousands of visitors to Kendal, is celebrating its 40th anniversary - and is streaming events over the internet, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Simon reeve

    Stars such as TV presenters Ray Mears and Simon Reeve will be giving talks or presenting films, along with people who are celebrities only in the various worlds of outdoor activities such as whitewater kayaking.

    But the online nature of the events means many can be seen until the end of the year, rather than the audience having to pick between events taking place at the same time.

  5. Coronavirus means Kendal adventure festival goes global

    Martin Lewes


    Tickets have gone on sale for Kendal Mountain Festival, with speakers including stars such as travel broadcaster Simon Reeve, and a full range of films and other attractions, which are this year all online because of Covid-19.

    Kendal mountain festival with Kenton Cool

    Normally the festival attracts tens of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts to see many of the world's leading mountaineers and explorers, taking over every space with room for an audience in the town.

    This year, although the weekend will lack the chance to rub shoulders with the speakers in crowded bars or meet old friends and plan new adventures, it is effectively available to a world-wide audience.

    Steve Scott, one of the directors, said it was a huge opportunity: "Inviting everyone, everyone to get involved and enjoy a unique mix of some of the world's most renowned international athletes and adventurers, an array of incredible authors, 15 different themed curations featuring the latest adventure and environmental films, family-friendly content, and all the buzz and atmosphere."

  6. Matterhorn conquest for double amputee

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    Video caption: Neil Heritage is the first above-the-knee double amputee to have scaled this mountain

    Neil Heritage is the first above-the-knee double amputee to have scaled this mountain.

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    Video caption: Furloughed Birmingham rock climbing instructor builds wall

    Saqib Yasin's climbing centre is closed - so he created his own structure.

  8. Bid to deliver a phased return to Scotland's hills and mountains

    Schiehallion from Farragon

    Mountaineering organisations in Scotland are asking hill walkers and climbers to stick to the Covid-19 lockdown guidelines.

    Mountaineering Scotland is leading discussions with partners in the Mountain Safety Group on how to deliver a phased return to the hills and mountains.

    It has drafted proposals which will be submitted to the Scottish government outlining how activities like hill walking, climbing and bouldering can be re-introduced.

    Stuart Younie, CEO of Mountaineering Scotland, said: "We want to see an immediate return to hill walking, climbing and other outdoor activities as lockdown starts to ease, and have been encouraged by the way the outdoor sector in Scotland is working together to make this happen in a safe and responsible way."

    Damon Powell, chairman of Scottish Mountain Rescue said: "We hope to see everyone out there soon, but preferably not on a rescue!"