Retirement age

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    Video caption: 'The letter said I would have to wait five years for my pension'

    Krissy Abbott had to depend on food banks and handouts, when she was expecting to live on her state pension - but her retirement age had changed from 60 to 65.

  2. Are older people an untapped resource in the workforce?

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    Video caption: "We need to think about life experience as a currency"

    "We need to think about life experience as a currency"

  3. Is Rita Hard Rock Cafe London's longest-serving waitress?

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    Video caption: Rita Gilligan has served in Hard Rock Cafe London since day one

    Rita Gilligan MBE has been serving in the original Hard Rock Cafe in London since day one, on 14 June 1971.

    Now, 48 years later she's been talking about her career at the branch on Old Park Lane, serving the likes of Sir Elton John, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and Freddie Mercury.

    Her tale also includes witnessing how the Hard Rock became a global chain.

    Video by Gem O'Reilly, Cristian Mantio and Michael McKenzie