The growing hunger for takeaway food

Restaurants' fortunes are being transformed by technology
If you’re unfamiliar with Uber Eats, Deliveroo or GrubHub, that may soon change.

These technology companies are fast becoming the main source of hot food deliveries to people’s homes and offices – all for a fee or a cut of the price of a meal. 

It is all part of a shift in the way many young urbanites choose to eat in the US and UK, and it’s spreading around the world, as the BBC's Rob Young found out.

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Deliveroo pulls out of Germany

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Deliveroo is pulling out of Germany on 16 August.

In an email to customers, Deliveroo said its goal is "to create the world's best food delivery service" and "offering customers, drivers and restaurants an outstanding service".

The online delivery service said that "where we cannot provide this on the level that we expect and that you deserve, we do not operate".

Deliveroo rider

Andrew Black

Business presenter, BBC Good Morning Scotland

The online food delivery firm has acquired an Edinburgh software company as the city's tech sector continues to expand.

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CMA's interest in 'killer acquisitions'

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Back to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) decision to pause Amazon's investment in Deliveroo.

Nicole Kar, partner at Linklaters, the law firm, says this is just the sort of deal that the CMA is interested in - "large tech incumbents like Amazon investing in smaller rivals - so called 'killer acquisitions'."

“The key questions for the CMA are, first whether the investment Amazon has made give it rights to determine Deliveroo’s strategy and investment and/or insights into what innovation and expansion it is working on," she says.

The second is looking at "theory of harm".

"One area of interest here is likely to be the extent to which Deliveroo’s partnerships with grocers like the Co-op signal an intention to build out a material presence in food delivery service beyond takeaways.

"Amazon’s Amazon Prime Now with its two hour delivery window to get anything to a customer and its relationships via Amazon Fresh with grocers like Morrisons look like similar ambitions to Deliveroo. If it has a say over what Deliveroo does as a result of its investment will it cause Deliveroo to scale back or delay its own expansion in this area?”

Deliveroo: deal will create jobs

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Deliveroo has responded to that announcement from the CMA about the initial enforcement order against the planned investment by Amazon.

A spokesperson said: "Deliveroo and Amazon have been working closely with regulators to obtain regulatory approvals.

"There are a number of major companies within the restaurant food delivery sector and this investment will enable Deliveroo to expand, innovate and, we believe, will enhance competition.

"This investment will help create jobs, help restaurants to grow their businesses and will improve choice for consumers."

CMA warning to Amazon

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Online giant Amazon announced a big investment in food courier Deliveroo in May.

The exact figure was not given, but Amazon is the biggest investor in Deliveroo's latest round of fund raising, which in total raised $575m (£450m).

The Competition and Markets Authority has just issued an initial enforcement order - which puts the brakes on the deal for now while it decides whether to investigate.