Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Could Prince Andrew be 'rotated out' of Pitch@Palace?

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BBC Radio 4

Will King, a founding member of Pitch@Palace and the founder of King of Shaves, has suggested Prince Andrew could be "rotated out of his captaincy of the ship" for the business initiative that supports entrepreneurs

The Prince is to step back from royal duties for the foreseeable future because the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. However, the BBC understands that he does not plan to give up his involvement with Pitch@Palace.

But Mr King has said there are plenty of royals who could take his place, including William and Kate, as well as Harry and Meghan.

"If you're going to continue the Pitch@Palace in the royal environment, where you have an infrastructure that is paid for - I think, in part - by the taxpayer, it would be an extraordinary shame that the palace don't see the opportunity in continuing this initiative."

He said the scheme had created £1bn of economic activity and noted that 97% of the companies are still going.

But asked if it can continue with Prince Andrew at the helm, he said: "I don't know, I don't know."