London elections 2021

Sadiq Khan wins second term

Labour's Sadiq Khan has won a second term as London's mayor with 55.2% of the vote, beating Conservative rival Shaun Bailey. Read the full story here.

Winner, Sadiq Khan, Labour

Counting complete

Final round results

  1. Labour, Sadiq Khan
    • final total votes 1,206,034
    • share 55.2%
  2. Conservative, Shaun Bailey
    • final total votes 977,601
    • share 44.8%

First round results

  1. Labour, Sadiq Khan
    • 1st preference total votes 1,013,721
    • 1st preference share 40.0%
    • 2nd preference total votes 192,313
    • 2nd preference share 69.5%
  2. Conservative, Shaun Bailey
    • 1st preference total votes 893,051
    • 1st preference share 35.3%
    • 2nd preference total votes 84,550
    • 2nd preference share 30.5%
  3. Green, Sian Berry
    • 1st preference total votes 197,976
    • 1st preference share 7.8%
  4. Liberal Democrat, Luisa Porritt
    • 1st preference total votes 111,716
    • 1st preference share 4.4%
  5. Independent, Niko Omilana
    • 1st preference total votes 49,628
    • 1st preference share 2.0%
  6. The Reclaim Party, Laurence Fox
    • 1st preference total votes 47,634
    • 1st preference share 1.9%
  7. London Real Party, Brian Rose
    • 1st preference total votes 31,111
    • 1st preference share 1.2%
  8. Rejoin EU, Richard Hewison
    • 1st preference total votes 28,012
    • 1st preference share 1.1%
  9. Count Binface Party, Count Binface
    • 1st preference total votes 24,775
    • 1st preference share 1.0%
  10. Women's Equality Party, Mandu Reid
    • 1st preference total votes 21,182
    • 1st preference share 0.8%
  11. Let London Live, Piers Corbyn
    • 1st preference total votes 20,604
    • 1st preference share 0.8%
  12. Animal Welfare Party, Vanessa Hudson
    • 1st preference total votes 16,826
    • 1st preference share 0.7%
  13. UK Independence Party, Peter Gammons
    • 1st preference total votes 14,393
    • 1st preference share 0.6%
  14. Independent, Farah London
    • 1st preference total votes 11,869
    • 1st preference share 0.5%
  15. Heritage Party, David Kurten
    • 1st preference total votes 11,025
    • 1st preference share 0.4%
  16. Independent, Nims Obunge
    • 1st preference total votes 9,682
    • 1st preference share 0.4%
  17. Social Democratic Party, Steve Kelleher
    • 1st preference total votes 8,764
    • 1st preference share 0.3%
  18. Renew, Kam Balayev
    • 1st preference total votes 7,774
    • 1st preference share 0.3%
  19. Independent, Max Fosh
    • 1st preference total votes 6,309
    • 1st preference share 0.2%
  20. Burning Pink, Valerie Brown
    • 1st preference total votes 5,305
    • 1st preference share 0.2%


Registered voters6,144,225

Counting complete. After 25 of 25 seats declared.

  1. Labour

    • total seats 11
    • change -1

    London constituency Assembly Members

    • Barnet & Camden, Anne Clarke
    • Brent & Harrow, Krupesh Hirani
    • City & East, Unmesh Desai
    • Ealing & Hillingdon, Onkar Sahota
    • Enfield & Haringey, Joanne McCartney
    • Greenwich & Lewisham, Len Duvall
    • Lambeth & Southwark, Marina Ahmad
    • Merton & Wandsworth, Leonie Cooper
    • North East, Sem Moema

    London-wide Assembly Members

    • Elly Baker
    • Sakina Sheikh
  2. Conservative

    • total seats 9
    • change +1

    London constituency Assembly Members

    • Bexley & Bromley, Peter Fortune
    • Croydon & Sutton, Neil Garratt
    • Havering & Redbridge, Keith Prince
    • South West, Nicholas Rogers
    • West Central, Tony Devenish

    London-wide Assembly Members

    • Shaun Bailey
    • Andrew Boff
    • Susan Hall
    • Emma Best
  3. Green

    • total seats 3
    • change +1

    London-wide Assembly Members

    • Sian Berry
    • Caroline Russell
    • Zack Polanski
  4. Liberal Democrat

    • total seats 2
    • change +1

    London-wide Assembly Members

    • Caroline Pidgeon
    • Hina Bokhari
  5. UK Independence Party

    • total seats 0
    • change -2
  1. Video content

    Video caption: Why YouTubers stood for Mayor of London

    Niko Omilana and Max Fosh are two prominent YouTubers who stood to be mayor of London in the 2021 election.

  2. Video content

    Video caption: Sadiq Khan says he's "humbled" by his re-election as Mayor London.
  3. London Mayor full results

    The full results for all candidates for London Mayor were:

    • Sadiq Khan (Labour): 1,206,034
    • Shaun Bailey (Conservative): 977,601
    • Sian Berry (Green): 197,976
    • Luisa Porritt (Liberal Democrat): 111,716

    The minor party and independent candidates were as follows:

    • Niko Omilana (Independent): 49,628
    • Laurence Fox (Reclaim): 47,634
    • Brian Rose (London Real): 31,111
    • Richard Hewison (Rejoin EU): 28,012
    • Count Binface (Count Binface for Mayor of London): 24,775
    • Mandu Reid (Women's Equality Party): 21,182
    • Piers Corbyn (Let London Live): 20,604
    • Vanessa Hudson (Animal Welfare): 16,826
    • Peter Gammons (UKIP): 14,393
    • Farah London (Independent): 11,869
    • David Kurten (Heritage): 11,025
    • Nims Obunge (Independent): 9,682
    • Steve Kelleher (Social Democrats): 8,764
    • Kam Balayev (Renew): 7,774
    • Max Fosh (Independent): 6,309
    • Valerie Brown (Burning Pink): 5,305
  4. Bailey: Londoners didn't write me off

    Shaun Bailey

    The Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey now makes his speech.

    He says he was "written off" by pollsters, journalist and other politicians

    "But Londoners didn't write me off," he says.

    "As a poor boy, you learn that Londoners are generous of spirit and will give you a hearing."

    Mr Bailey congratulates Mr Khan but adds that he hopes the re-elected mayor won't "blame everything on the government".

  5. London Mayor: How the final vote share looks

    Graphic showing London Mayor result
  6. Khan: Covid doesn't care if you are a Brexiteer or a Remainer

    Sadiq Khan
    Image caption: Sadiq Khan making his victory speech in City Hall

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan promises to "strain every sinew to help build a better and brighter future for London after the dark days of the pandemic".

    "I am proud to have won an overwhelming mandate today," he says.

    Addressing those Londoners who didn't vote for him he says: "I will never ignore your voice, your concerns or your worries."

    He says the city and the country are divided - "the scars of Brexit remain, a crude culture war is pushing us further apart," he adds.

    "We must use this moment of national recovery to heal those divisions.

    "Coronavirus doesn't care if you are a Brexiteer, a Remainer or woke."

    He says it is better to build bridges rather than walls and promises to "build bridges between City Hall and the government".

  7. Sadiq Khan achieves 55.2% of the vote after two rounds

    After two rounds of results, the results are as follows:

    • Sadiq Khan (Labour): 1,206,034
    • Shaun Bailey (Conservative): 977,601
  8. BreakingSadiq Khan wins second term as London Mayor

    Labour's Sadiq Khan has won a second term as London Mayor, beating his Conservative rival Shaun Bailey.

  9. Khan and Bailey enter run-off for mayor of London

    Sam Francis

    BBC News, London

    Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey

    Labour's Sadiq Khan will face Tory rival Shaun Bailey in a run-off to be mayor of London, after neither won a majority in the first round of voting.

    Mr Khan, the current mayor, has 40% of first-preference votes while Mr Bailey has 36% with all constituencies declared.

    The mayor is elected on a Supplementary Vote system, where each voter can select a first and second preference.

    Second-preference votes for both candidates will now be counted.

    A record-breaking 20 candidates ran to become the next mayor of London.

    If any candidate had received more than 50% of the first preferences they would have won the election outright.

    As no winner was found based on first-preference votes, the top two candidates enter a run-off, where their second preferences are added to their total vote.

    The final result is expected to be announced later on Saturday night.

  10. Labour maintain majority on London Assembly

    Sam Francis

    BBC News, London

    London Assembly

    Labour is on course to retain its majority on the London assembly, after winning nine of the 14 constituency seats available.

    Sadiq Khan is also predicted to be elected mayor of London, putting Labour in charge of both parts of the Greater London Authority.

    Membership of the London Assembly is split in two - with 14 representing constituencies representing two boroughs, and the other 11 elected by a party-list system.

    The Conservative party won the remaining five constituencies. No constituencies changed hands.

    The party-list members will now be decided. These London-wide seats are worked out in a way that benefits parties that did not win constituency seats.

    The BBC's polling expert Prof Sir John Curtice projects that Labour will remain the largest party on the London Assembly, with 11 seats once - gaining two from the list system.

    This will give Labour one less assembly member than the last term.

    In 2016 both Labour and the Conservatives received three more assembly members via the list system. The Green Party won two assembly seats, as did UKIP.

    The Liberal Democrats claimed the last remaining seat.

    The results of the list-member elections and the mayoral election are expected later tonight.

  11. London mayor declaration not likely before 10pm

    We're still waiting for the London mayor result which BBC London's Political Editor Tim Donovan says will not arrive before 10pm now.

    The candidates are currently waiting around at London's City Hall.

    View more on twitter
  12. Lively mood outside London's City Hall

    Jamie Moreland

    BBC London

    Candidates outside City Hall

    There has been a lively mood outside London's City Hall as the mayoral candidates gathered ahead of the results announcement.

    UKIP's Peter Gammons shared a joke with Rejoin EU's Richard Hewison, and YouTubers Niko Omilana and Max Fosh met, surrounded by their camera crews.

    Candidates from the smaller parties soon arrived too, with Steve Keller, Brian Rose, Laurence Fox, Mandu Reid and Piers Corbyn entering through the tight security.

    Despite some chants and songs by anti-vaccination protesters, there's a feeling of nervous excitement in the air, even though most candidates are aware of the BBC's projection that Sadiq Khan is likely to win.