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  1. Underground roundels become new shapes at Oxford Circus

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    The second lockdown may have cut the number of people travelling on the Tube at the moment but those who go through Oxford Circus may have noticed London Underground's famous roundels are now new shapes.

    The signs at the central London station have been changed to look like icons on PlayStation controllers to mark the release of the firm's new console.

  2. Children's free travel 'at risk if I lose election' - Mayor

    The mayor was also asked whether there was any risk that children could no longer be given free travel on public transport in the future as a result of Transport for London's bailout.

    Sadiq Khan said: "Under 16 and under 18 free travel is only at risk is if I lost the election next May".

    He added the government "wants to remove free travel for our children. They want to remove free travel for over 60s and they want to extend the congestion charge.

    "I've said no to all those things. They tried to impose those conditions on Londoners."

  3. 'Cordial and constructive' talks held over TfL bailout

    Tube train

    The government has held "cordial and constructive" talks with the mayor of London over the funding of Transport for London (TfL), peers have been told.

    Transport minister Baroness Vere of Norbiton said details of the current settlement, taking into account a downturn in revenue due to the coronavirus crisis, were still under discussion.

    But she told the Lords at question time that "good progress" was being made and stressed that any government funding must be fair to the UK taxpayer.

    Lady Vere said the mayor had "choices to make to balance the books" of TfL and it would be inappropriate to disclose details of the discussions.

    For the Opposition, Lord Rosser said that before the pandemic the mayor had reduced TfL's operating deficit by 70% - a "much healthier" position than left by his predecessor.

    He asked why the government was "playing awkward" over funding for TfL while providing all the money required to private train operators and requiring the mayor to make "punitive policy changes".

    Lady Vere said this "mischaracterised" the talks with the mayor and conditions had been applied to the train operating deal.

    She said the government would "step in" and support TfL to address the fall in revenues but said there were things available to Londoners and TfL staff that were not available to the rest of the country.

    "It is not up to the UK taxpayer to pay for those things," Lady Vere added.

  4. Bank Tube station revamp 'hits milestone'

    TfL engineer

    Tunnelling to expand and modernise Bank Underground station has been completed, Transport for London (TfL) has said.

    Work has seen more than 200,000 tonnes of material excavated from under the City of London - one of the most historic areas of the country.

    Since the start of the project in May 2017 more than 1.3km of tunnels have been constructed to link existing Underground lines in the station.

    TfL said three new escalator barrels have also been excavated to link the Northern line to the DLR and to the new entrance that is being built on Cannon Street.

    A new link tunnel will also connect the Northern and Central lines.

    TfL's Stuart Harvey said, said: “Bank Tube station is a crucial link between many lines and is one of the busiest interchanges on the Tube network.

    "Work restarted on site again in May and this is a huge milestone for the project.

    "Once completed, there will be more space underground for customers to change from one line to another making journeys quicker and more comfortable for those travelling into the City.”