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Hull artist Mandy Barker is making pictures from waste washed up on beaches.
Mandy Barker says the amount of waste washing up on the East Yorkshire coast has increased.

'Awful' ocean plastic inspires artist

Hull artist Mandy Barker is making pictures from waste washed up on beaches.

Supermarkets 'must step up to tackle plastics scourge'

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A London Assembly member is urging supermarkets in the capital to do more to cut down on plastic use after new figures were released by Greenpeace.

The environmental campaign group ranked the UK's top supermarkets based on various plastic policies, with Iceland topping the charts and Sainsbury's trailing in 10th position.

Labour’s London Assembly environment spokesperson, Leonie Cooper, said: “Supermarkets in London need to step up and take responsibility for failing to tackle our plastics scourge by enabling Londoners to recycle more. A lot of good work is under way to tackle plastic waste, but recycling rates in the capital are still the lowest in the country."

Ms Copper said the London Assembly Environment Committee has written to the mayor of London, asking him to encourage supermarkets to cut down on their use of plastic packaging.

Elena Polisano, from Greenpeace, said: "UK supermarkets have a long way to go, but a year ago these scores would have been even lower – the action we’re taking together is working."

Sculpting dreamscapes from plastic pollution

The artist turning plastic pollution into fantastical dreamscapes
American artist Aurora Robson is taking on the world's plastic waste nightmare by giving it a second life in her amazing sculpted dreamscapes.

Could Durham County Council be going plastic-free?

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Chris Binding

Durham County Council has unwrapped a new campaign to phase out the use of unnecessary plastics.

That includes plastics used in drinking straws, cotton buds, toothpicks, wet wipes and bottles.

Following an internal audit earlier this year, council bosses revamped some services such as switching to reusable cups in catering and scrapping plastic confetti at the Gala Theatre.

Plastic straws

Future goals include developing a "plastic-free" network for businesses and a county-wide pledge calling on partners and businesses to reduce single-use plastics.

Yesterday, the council's Environment and Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee heard updates on the plans which are set for cabinet approval next year.