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    Video caption: Lord Maginnis will not take part in 'behaviour training'

    Lord Maginnis is not going to take part in “behaviour training" as recommended by a watchdog for using “homophobic and offensive" language.

  2. 'I shouldn't be scared to walk down the street'

    New figures obtained by the BBC reveal that the number of reported homophobic hate crime cases almost trebled - from 6,655 in 2014-15, the year same sex marriage became legal in England, to 18,465 in 2019-20.

    Charlie Graham, a 21-year-old from Sunderland, says homophobic hate crime is just a part of life.

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    Video caption: 'I shouldn't be scared to walk down the street'

    Charlie has been attacked several times over the past three years - and was left beaten and covered in blood after the most recent incident a few months ago.

    "I did go downhill after the first two or three times. Like really downhill, to the point where I was in a hole and I didn't want to come out of it," Charlie said about the impacts of the attacks.

    "Suicidal thoughts, drinking, not giving a care in the world."

    Charlie's attackers were never found.

    Charlie Graham
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    Video caption: Homophobia: Cancer patient 'assaulted for the way I look'

    Heulwen Pronath says she was pushed to the ground and kicked and punched while walking her dog.