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    Video caption: US election: Georgia recount 'numbers don't lie' says Raffensperger

    Georgia's secretary of state insists the recount, which confirmed victory for Joe Biden, is correct.

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    Video caption: Joe Biden victory: 'Now the world sees our vote matters'

    Joe's Biden's victory was built on overwhelming support from black voters - they won't let him forget.

  3. BreakingGeorgia will hold a vote recount

    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger has just announced that the state's presidential contest will go to a recount.

    He says that 4,169 votes remain to be counted, and that some 8,000 military absentee ballots are still in the mail and will only be counted if they arrive by the end of the day.

    "Right now Georgia remains too close to call," he says, adding: "With a margin that small there will be a recount in Georgia."

    "Interest in our election obviously goes far beyond Georgia's borders. The final tally in Georgia at this point has huge implications for the entire country."

    "We are looking at a margin less than a large high school," Raffensberger's aide Gabriel Sterling added after the Republican official left without taking questions.

    Sterling, who oversees voting for the state, added that the reason for the recount is due to how close the race is, and that they have not seen "any widespread irregularities" that would indicate foul play.

  4. Why Georgia matters so much

    A woman counts votes in Georgia
    Image caption: Counting continues in Georgia with just a few thousand ballots left

    Joe Biden has edged ahead of Donald Trump in Georgia by about 900 ballots, with only a few thousand votes left to count.

    With its 16 electoral votes, winning the state would put Biden just one shy of the crucial 270 threshold needed to win the presidency.

    It would also deny Donald Trump a straight victory. Even if he won all the remaining states - which as it stands looks unlikely - he would only be able to take 269 electoral college votes, leaving the candidates in an unprecedented draw.

    Taking Georgia would be a momentous shift. Since 1964 the Peach State has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate four times, the last time for Bill Clinton in 1992. If it does opt for Biden this year, Georgia would be an island of blue in a sea of red on the electoral map, surrounded by Republican states.

    Many online are giving credit for the potential shift to Stacey Abrams. The Democrat ran for governor in 2018, and while she lost, she has spent the intervening two years campaigning there for her party.

    You can read the BBC's 2018 profile of Abrams here

  5. BreakingBiden takes lead in Georgia, CNN reports

    In Georgia, one of the remaining key states where votes are still being counted, election monitors and US broadcaster CNN are saying that Democrat Joe Biden has taken the lead there for the first time.

    Decision Desk puts Biden ahead by a whisker with what it says is about 99% of estimated votes counted.

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    Local reports also have Biden ahead of Donald Trump in the state by more than 900 votes, based on counting from Clayton County.

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  6. US Election: very close vote in Georgia

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    Video caption: Georgia's voters will help decide the next president, but why is the vote so close?

    Georgia's voters will help decide the next president, but why is the vote so close?

  7. Burst water pipe delays Georgia tally

    Cairo Messenger newspaper publisher and editor Randy Fine, center, calls out election results as Steve Reagan writes them on the board on the front wall of the newspaper for the voters gathered in the street on November 3, 2020 in Cairo, Georgia
    Image caption: Voters in Cairo, Georgia, watch as results come in

    Results for the Georgia county that includes Atlanta - the state's capital and its most populous city - will be delayed after a water pipe burst in a room with absentee ballots, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

    No ballots were damaged, voting officials say, but the incident has delayed counting by around four hours, dashing hopes of reported results by around 23:00 ET.

    Donald Trump won the state in 2016 by a 5% margin, but Democrats are hoping it can be turned for Biden. We'll now have to wait a little longer to find out.

  8. QAnon supporter headed to Congress - US media

    Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Georgia has decided to send to Congress the first US lawmaker to openly support the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to US media.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene overwhelmingly won her seat in northwest Georgia after her Democratic opponent dropped out of the race due to personal issues.

    Greene has frequently posted inflammatory content on social media. Among her many false claims is that Jewish philanthropist George Soros is a "Nazi", that former president Obama is a Muslim and that Hillary Clinton is a serial killer.

    For those unfamiliar, followers of QAnon believe in a wide-ranging, unfounded conspiracy theory about Trump waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in government, business and the media.

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    QAnon: What is it and where did it come from?

  9. A look at what's ahead: Georgia and Florida

    Anthony Zurcher

    BBC North America reporter

    In Florida, where early voting results will be announced almost immediately, I’ll be closely watching for Joe Biden’s performance in the Democratic strongholds of southern Florida – Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

    Can the Democrat post a sizable vote advantage – 30% or more – to offset the more conservative parts of the state. And what are elderly voters doing in usually Republican strongholds of central Florida, including Sumter county.

    If Donald Trump posts less than a two-to-one margin, it could be a sign that he’s losing support from retirees – which were a key to his victory in the state in 2016.

    Meanwhile, Georgia is a traditionally Republican state that could be trending toward the Democrats. If Biden is overperforming in the suburban counties around Atlanta, he’ll have a chance to be the first Democrat to win the state since 1992.

    Florida and Georgia are simply must-win states for Trump.

    If Biden can take one of them, it could be an early knockout win for the Democrat. If the president holds his own, the evening’s attention will shift north, North Carolina and the industrial mid-west states, which will hold the key to both candidates’ fate.

    poll worker helps a voter put as she drops off her mail-in ballot at an official Miami-Dade County drive-thru ballot drop box at the Miami-Dade County Election Department
    Image caption: Poll worker helps a voter in Miami-Dade County, Florida
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    Video caption: US Election: Clarkston, a haven for refugees

    People from over 40 different countries have found a home in Clarkston, a small town in the state of Georgia.

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    Video caption: US election: Why is it so hard to vote in Georgia?

    Critics say purged electoral rolls and strict identification laws are designed to suppress the vote.