Facial disfigurement

'At school, I was told I was ugly'

At school, Rekha Sharma was told she was ugly and would never have a professional career.

"At school, I was told I was ugly... but I know my worth."

She was born with a rare condition called hemifacial microsomnia, which means one side of her face is underdeveloped.

She was also born without a jaw joint and with a cleft lip and palate and has undergone numerous operations since since childhood.

Rehka is now a successful solicitor in Manchester.

She's critical of the Asian introduction system which she says is "flawed" but remains hopeful that people's prejudices will not get in the way of her finding a partner.

"At school, I was told I was ugly... but I know my worth."
Rekha was bullied at school for being born with facial disfigurements, but is now a successful solicitor.
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