US cuts tariffs on steel from Turkey but ends preferential trade

Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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The US has cut tariffs on imports of Turkish steel from 50% to 25%, backtracking on a decision to hike the duties last year amid a diplomatic dispute between the two countries.

But the US also ended Turkey's preferential trade deal that allowed some exports to enter the country duty free -a move the White House flagged in March.

In August, President Donald Trump raised tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminium to ramp up economic pressure on the country as tensions simmered over the detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson. He was released in October.

Homecoming for Mini Coopers after Turkish charity trip

BBC Midlands Today

A group of friends who drove three Mini Coopers from Staffordshire to Turkey to raise money for cancer treatment in Birmingham will return home to Cannock tonight.

The minis when setting off

Inspired by the film The Italian Job, the idea came about after a relative of one of the drivers had life-saving treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

They said on their Facebook page they were hoping to raise £5,000, but have now raised almost double that amount.

A Charmed Life: The story of the Nazar

Nazars are believed to avert the evil eye, but how are they made and who uses them?
Since ancient times, sailors have believed that painting a blue eye onto their boats will protect them and ensure a successful voyage. 
In modern Turkey, fishermen continue this tradition by decorating their boats with the nazar boncuğu , eye shaped talismans made from blue glass. The nazars are used to ward off the evil eye and protect the believer from jealousy and ill will. 
The history and artistic importance of nazars is explained to us by UNESCO Living Human Treasure Mahmut Sür, who operates a traditional glass forge in the village of Nazarköy, and has just begun to teach women to make nazars for the first time.

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Series directed and shot by Tom Martienssen, edited by Luke André Jackson of Dustoff Films
Turkey’s opposition candidate pledges to 'never give up’
Turkey’s opposition candidate Ekrem Imamoglu says he won't give up after his election victory in Istanbul’s mayoral election was overturned.