US gun violence

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Zachary Cruz: 'My brother was the Parkland gunman'
"The whole world is going to give him hate - why do I?" says Zachary Cruz of the Parkland shooting gunman.
Aurora shooting: Gunman leaves five dead in Illinois
He died in an exchange of fire with police after opening fire at workers in a manufacturing warehouse.

Who was Willie McCoy?

The cousin of Willie McCoy, shot by US police, says he was ambitious and a people person
Willie McCoy was shot dead by police in California. Officers say he had reached for a gun. Willie McCoy's family has pushed back, saying the aspiring rapper was not a threat as he was just waking up.

His cousin David Harrison tells us more about him - and also the need for wider societal change.

(Photo: Willie McCoy. Credit: David Harrison)
How 'Parkland tourism' led to this floral memorial
A teacher and a pupil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gave people a focal point for their grief and curiosity.
Cameron Kasky: I thought I could make gun control happen
A shooting at Cameron Kasky's school in Florida killed three teachers and 14 of his fellow students.
What students around the world think of US school shootings
Students in Australia, India, Lebanon and the UK reveal their feelings on gun violence and their biggest fears.