Rare Nigeria gorillas with babies revealed on camera

Ishaq Khalid

BBC News, Abuja

The first pictures in years of a group of rare gorillas with babies in mountains in southern Nigeria have been released.

Conservationists say this raises hope that the Cross River gorillas are successfully reproducing despite facing extinction.

The Wild Conservation Society in Nigeria, an international non-governmental organisation, said the pictures of the gorillas were captured by camera traps earlier this year.

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The Cross River gorillas are said to be the most-endangered gorilla subspecies, numbering only around 300 in the wild.

They were known to live in some mountainous areas in Nigeria and neighbouring Cameroon but are rarely seen.

The recent images of the animals with a number of infants were captured in Mbe mountains, according to conservationists.

The Cross River gorillas are naturally wary of humans and have subtle distinctions from other species - such as smaller heads, longer arms and lighter-coloured hair.

The Wild Conservation Society says it is working closely with local communities and the authorities in Nigeria’s Cross River state to protect the gorillas.

Schoolgirl wins Formula E car design competition

A Lincolnshire school girl has won an international competition to design the livery for a Formula E car.

Envision Virgin Racing car
Envision Virgin Racing

Kitty Thwaite, 11, from Tetford, was revealed as the winner of the contest on the BBC's One Show last night.

Describing the design, which will be recreated in full and put on display by Envision Virgin Racing, she said: I really love animals so I thought I would include some of our endangered animals on it.

"I've also drawn the Earth in a heart to say that we should love our planet and look after it."

The competition was organised in in partnership with National Geographic Kids and children’s illustrator Rob Biddulph.