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Global pollution simulator on Portland

Domes will recreate smell, heat and haze in notoriously polluted cities
An art exhibition on Portland will offer visitors the chance to experience pollution levels in five global cities and its impact on climate change. Visitors will pass through "inter-connected pods" comparing simulated temperatures and air quality in Tautra (Norway), London, Sao Paulo, Beijing and New Delhi. The exhibit is located at the Stadium Bowl on Portland and was inspired and created by internationally renowned artist, Michael Pinsky.

How can I cut my risk of dementia?

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The World Health Organization has launched its first ever guidelines on how people can help avoid getting dementia.

It looked at the evidence of what works and what doesn't for lowering risk.

Things to avoid include smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

While eating a healthy diet is beneficial, popping vitamin pills makes no difference to dementia risk, it advises.

Read the full guidelines here.

MPs discuss the importance of global vaccination

MPs debate World Immunisation Week.
Barely18 hours after he was appointed International Development Secretary -- in the mini-reshuffle following the sacking of Gavin Williamson -- Rory Stewart was in the Commons, talking about a key part of his new brief: international vaccination. 

He told MPs protecting people from preventable diseases was a story of global cooperation, as Mandy Baker reports.

There's more from Today in Parliament on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30pm.