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Why I'm talking about everything we're told not to

Nimko Ali on 'oversharing' about periods, orgasms, FGM and menopause
Nimko Ali describes herself as an oversharer. As someone who's campaigned against Female Genital Mutilation - something she has been through herself - by talking publicly about it and lifting the veil. 

But while FGM was the subject that encouraged her to speak up, she's made it her mission to explore ALL the taboos around women's health and biology, including periods, orgasms, childbirth and the menopause.

Her new book - "What We're Told Not to Talk About (But We're Going to Anyway)" - includes stories from 42 women in 14 different countries - including Ethiopia and Syria.

As this is about exploring taboos - some people may find some of these subjects uncomfortable.

(Photo: Nimko Ali. Credit: Getty Images)

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