1. Sniffer dog stops Mozambique ivory smuggling attempt

    Jose Tembe

    BBC News, Maputo

    A sniffer dog carries ivory in its mouth
    Image caption: Horns, teeth and nails were intercepted at the airport (archive photo)

    Police in Mozambique's capital city say they have detained a Vietnamese woman at the airport in possession of five rhino horns and 160 units of lion teeth and nails.

    The 30-year-old had been living Maputo for a year and was attempting to board a plane to Vietnam when she was arrested on Monday, the city police spokesperson Lionel Muchina said.

    A sniffer dog made the discoveries, he said.

    It's believed that the seized wildlife trophies may result from the killing of three rhinos and 12 lions - both species are protected by Mozambican law.

    Mr Muchina said investigations were under way and criminal proceedings were in motion.

    In recent years there have been numerous arrests in Mozambique of Vietnamese citizens attempting to smuggle wildlife trophies out of the country.

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