Pokemon Go

  1. Pokemon European Championships cancelled

    Events have been cancelled out of an "abundance of caution"

    Chris Fox

    Technology reporter


    The Pokemon Company has announced that it has cancelled the European Championships following concerns over the spread of coronavirus.

    The company said fans should check with local organisers for the latest information about events in their country.

    The tournaments let Pokemon fans take part in video game and trading card battles.

    At present, the North America International Championships and World Championships have not been cancelled.

    The company said it would make changes to its events and will no longer ask competitors to shake hands before a tournament. It will also provide hand sanitiser at events.

    The company has shared more information on the Pokemon website.

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  3. Niantic acquires UK game developer

    British game developer Sensible Object
    Image caption: British game developer Sensible Object

    Niantic, the US game developer behind the phenomenally successful augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go and the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game, has agreed to purchase London-based game developer Sensible Object.

    Sensible Object, founded in 2014, has a particular focus on large-scale outdoor social gaming experiences that combine physical and digital play.

    Niantic wants to use these technologies to improve and expand the real-world augmented reality experiences in its mobile games.

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  5. Can playing Pokémon rewire your brain?

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