Hollywood sexual harassment scandal

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    Video caption: Ron Jeremy: Porn star's accusers speak out for first time

    Some of his accusers speak for the first time of their alleged experiences. He denies all charges.

  2. Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein

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    Video caption: The story of the spectacular rise and fall of movie titan Harvey Weinstein.

    The inside story of the rise and fall of movie titan Harvey Weinstein, revealing how he deployed his power, with painful testimony divulging the damage caused by his alleged abuse.

  3. 27. Hollywood Predator: Would you keep an open secret?

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    Video caption: Everybody knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults. Why didn’t they speak up?

    Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of multiple sexual assaults. Are colleagues who witnessed his crimes but didn’t speak up partly to blame for his long history of misconduct?