Endangered species

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    Video caption: Numbats: Saving a marsupial 'unique even to Australia'

    The numbat is one of the world’s most endangered animals, with about 1,000 left in the wild.

  2. Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers

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    Video caption: Exposing the shocking secrets of the illegal tiger trade in south east Asia.

    Former Royal Marines commando Aldo Kane exposes the shocking secrets of the illegal tiger trade in south east Asia, and those who profit from it.

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    Video caption: How South African police are tackling pangolin smugglers

    The pangolin is said to be the world's most trafficked mammal. The BBC filmed a rescue operation.

  4. Northumberland zoo to welcome snow leopards

    Northumberland Country Zoo is set to welcome two female snow leopard cubs next month.

    The animals, which are travelling from Scotland’s RZSS Highlands Wildlife Park, will live in a "spacious, new purpose-built enclosure" where they’ll be looked after by a team of specially trained keepers.

    The zoo plans on closing for about a week following the cubs' arrival to make sure they have time to adapt to their new surroundings in a peaceful way.

    Snow leopard

    Maxine Bradley from Northumberland Country Zoo said staff are "excited" to meet their new residents:

    "The cats’ arrivals represent a fantastic boost for the region at a time when good news isn’t so forthcoming; we can’t wait to welcome visitors in to see them.”

    People will be able to meet the snow leopards from 7 November.