Coronavirus: Tokyo's famous Kabuki-za Theatre reopens after five months
Capacity has been halved at the venue, with performers now wearing masks and sitting further apart.

Why I perform traditional First Nations dances on TikTok

How dancer Theland Kicknosway uses social media to share his culture
You may have seen many versions of dance challenges on, the video sharing platform TikTok but Theland Kicknosway, a 17-year-old indigenous singer, dancer and activist has found a new way to you stand out on the platform. Theland is Cree from Wampole Island - Bkejwanong (Buh-kezh-wa-nong) Territory in Southern Ontario, Canada. 

You can watch him perform many indigenous dances, from the Hoop to the Crow Hop, online as he shares his moves, music and lifestyle with his 170,000 fans. 

(Photo: Theland's hoop dance. Credit: Karen Joyner)