Crohn's disease

Coronavirus has its red letter day

Fun and frank disability chat to get you through the days of Covid-19.
In the second episode of Cabin Fever. As 1.5m people wait to receive letters classing them as High Risk in the fight against coronavirus we find out if Octavia made it safely to Somerset after her care package collapsed in London when it became impossible for her PAs to travel through the city.

Bryony Hopkins is in a great place with her Crohn’s disease and raring to go, but the new drugs she’s on which make her feel better, put her squarely in the High Risk category and she must shield for 12 weeks.

And screenwriter and mental health first aider John Servante says he and some friends diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety pre-pandemic are feeling distinctly average, as more and more people open up about the impact Covid-19 and isolation are having on their mental health.

Presented by Beth Rose, from her kitchin table.
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Toilet access is London is a real issue for many people across the city.
Toilet access in London can be a real issue for many people who live in and visit the city.