Weight loss

  1. Man v Fat: Football league giving points for winning and weight loss

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    Video caption: New Bournemouth football league awarding points for winning and losing weight.
  2. Step 1: Body

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    Video caption: Kemah Bob and BoPo warrior Megan-Jayne Crabbe invite us to start respecting our bodies

    Once Megan-Jayne Crabbe found body positivity it changed her life. She joins Kemah Bob to start us on our journey to sexual confidence by helping us learn to love our bodies.

  3. Bournemouth woman has 15lbs of excess skin removed after shedding half her body weight

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    Video caption: Steff Kent lost 16 stone after having gastric surgery.
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    Video caption: Football leagues target losing weight and scoring goals

    Hundreds of players join football leagues where the target is to lose weight as well as score goals.

  5. Eat, Fast and Live Longer

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    Video caption: Michael Mosley examines the powerful science behind the ancient idea of fasting.

    Michael Mosley examines the science behind fasting, as he sets himself the ambitious goal of living longer, staying younger and losing weight without changing his lifestyle.

  6. Giles Yeo on how our genes can make us fat

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    Video caption: Giles Yeo reveals the role our genes play in the obesity epidemic.

    Giles Yeo talks to Jim Al-Khalili about the powerful influence our genes have on how we put on weight, and why many of us struggle to lose it.