Oliver Letwin

Oliver Letwin

This week Oliver Letwin persuaded the Commons to try to agree its own Brexit plan.
The Conservative MP Sir Oliver Letwin made headlines this week when he persuaded the Commons to try to agree an alternative plan for Brexit. Mark Coles profiles the member for West Dorset, who has previously been in the news for - among other things - accidentally letting burglars into his home.

How will post-Brexit UK trade with other nations?

Oliver Letwin, Mark Reckless, and Catherine Bearder on future UK-EU trade deals.
The UK cannot enter into formal negotiations with any other country while still a member of the EU, but business people are looking ahead to future deals after Article 50 is triggered and Britain seeks new agreements.

Daily Politics reporter Ellie Price spoke to two former international trade negotiators to see what they think of the job ahead for Britain. 

Presenter Jo Coburn then heard from Conservative MP Sir Oliver Letwin, UKIP AM Mark Reckless, and Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder.
'No easy options' - MPs react to Brexit votes
MPs call for different ways forward after a series of indicative votes failed to show clear backing for any option.

Theresa May would win a leadership challenge 'hands down' - Sir Oliver Letwin

The West Dorset MP supports the Prime Minister's draft Brexit agreement.