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    Video caption: Nashville explosion: CCTV captures moment of blast

    Police believe the incident in front of a telecommunications office was likely a suicide bombing.

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    Video caption: 'Staggering' amount stolen in Ely jewellery shop raid

    The moment four masked men ransack display cabinets, stealing watches and rings worth £100,000.

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    Video caption: 'Clumsy' burglar trips over in Houghton-le-Spring

    A man is branded 'clumsy' by Northumbria Police after he was caught tripping over on CCTV.

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    Video caption: Hampshire garage ram-raid captured on CCTV

    A silver car is being hunted by police after it was filmed smashing into a garage in Hampshire.

  5. Private CCTV must comply with data protection laws

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Anyone with private CCTV cameras on their property is being reminded to ensure their system complied with Jersey's data protection laws.

    Information Commissioner Anne King said such systems could be very intrusive on people's privacy, there were various laws governing how they should be used, and they should only be installed as a last resort.

    She said that an increasing number of people had contacted her office recently, asking about the implications of setting up a network on their property.

    Mrs King said if a network captured images from outside the owner's home - for example, a neighbouring property or public areas - then people had to comply with regulations.

    One of them says owners must have clear signs explaining why they are filming, and their contact details.

    CCTV camera
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    Video caption: Norwich man saws neighbour's car in 'hateful vendetta'

    The victim says he has been through "six years of hell" after a series of attacks on his property.

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    Video caption: Sir Frederick Barclay releases CCTV of alleged Ritz bugging

    Sir Frederick Barclay's nephew is allegedly seen handling a bugging device at London's Ritz hotel.

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    Video caption: As people stay home, areas that would be packed on a sunny day are nearly empty.

    As people around the country isolate in their homes and practice social distancing, areas that would usually be packed with people on a sunny day are now nearly empty

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    Video caption: Sparks fly as Middlesbrough vandals destroy £10,000 CCTV masts

    Cameras on the masts captured the attack by two men with a circular saw.

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    Video caption: CCTV footage shows killers ordering fast food after murder

    CCTV footage has captured two men ordering from a takeaway 20 minutes after they shot and killed a man.

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    Video caption: Criminals on CCTV: Scammers caught red-handed

    The man who hacked into a criminal call centre to expose scammers at work.

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    Video caption: Customer knocks shoplifting suspect off his feet

    A man in Georgia helped police stop a suspected shoplifter who'd fled into a supermarket car park.