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It's still summer at Wetherspoons...

Tim Martin
Dominic Walsh

Thanks to Dominic Walsh at The Times for this, erm, arresting image of Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin.

As he notes, the Brexiter "has never been one for donning a pin-stripe suit (if he had one) for City results presentations, but he's never worn shorts in the Square Mile before - until today...".

Tim Martin wants 'considerable immigration'

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Brexit supporter and JD Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin said the UK will need "a considerable level of immigration" over the next three decades "to be a successful economy".

However, he also tells the Today Programme: "Uncontrolled immigration, EU style, is not a good thing and it has probably kept people's wages down a bit".

Wetherspoon pubs not planning cutbacks

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Wetherspoon's founder Tim Martin
Getty Images

The pub chain JD Wetherspoon has warned that it expects prices to rise over the next year.

So will it cut costs and staff? Probably not, according to Tim Martin, the founder of JD Wetherspoon.

He told the Today Programme that companies on the stock exchange "try too hard" to cut their costs and end up reducing customers service.

"I think what we'll do is keep our prices as low we reasonably can, they might have to go up a little bit, and just do the right thing and hope that is compensated by rising sales which will pay for the cost increases," he said.

JD Wetherspoon warns of rising costs

Wetherspoon drinks

Pub chain JD Wetherspoon says it has had a "reasonable" start to its financial year.

It has a rather unusual financial year, the most recent one ended on 29 July. During that year it made pre-tax profits of £89m, up 16.5% on the previous year.

Like-for-like sales were up 5%.

However, founder Tim Martin expects rising taxes, labour and interest costs in the current financial year.

Draught booze back at Wetherspoons

Gareth Southgate
Getty Images

Good news for football fans planning to watch tomorrow's crucial Colombia clash in the pub - Wetherspoon said supplies are getting back to normal after the CO2 shortage.

The pubs giant had been unable to serve some drinks on draught but said the situation should be resolved by Tuesday morning.

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon said this morning: "A high number of our pubs had been unable to serve three products on draft - John Smith's, Strongbow, Strongbow Dark Fruits.

"Supplies of these products across all of the company's pubs is almost back to normal and the issue is set to be resolved by tomorrow (Tuesday morning)".

Your comments: Disabled woman forced to leave pub


A woman who suffered a brain injury seven years ago was asked to leave a JD Wetherspoons pub after staff mistook her disability for drunkenness.

Grace Currie was escorted out of The Shrewsbury Hotel by door staff on Saturday night who told her she was too drunk, despite having only one drink.

Over on the BBC Midlands Facebook page, many of you have been sharing your feelings on the story.

Grace Currie

Disgraceful of Wetherspoons, you can't go round assuming someones drunk without asking first the staff were out of order."

Barbie Eveson

As someone who has had a brain tumour removed 4 months ago this makes my blood boil."

Natalie Borman

They could have talked to her friends and not jumped in with great big lead boots."

Jon Pedley-Glover

The chain apologised for the mistake and the "misjudgement" of staff.