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Plymouth Argyle puts players' chairs on Ebay

Jenna Hawkey

BBC News Online

Plymouth Argyle fans are being offered the chance to own what the club is calling "a piece of Home Park history" after furniture from the players' lounge was put up for sale on eBay.

Seventy-two chairs and 12 catering trolleys are being auctioned to make room for stadium renovations.

At the time of going to press, bidding for the chairs had reached the lofty heights of £1.20.

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Amazon and eBay pull CloudPets

A CloudPets cuddly bear with a companion smartphone app
Spiral Toys

Amazon and eBay are among retailers pulling a brand of cuddly smart toys from sale after warnings they pose a cyber-security threat.

Concerns were raised about CloudPets products in February 2017 after it was discovered that millions of owners' voice recordings were being stored online unprotected.

Manufacturer Spiral Toys claimed to have taken "swift action".

But subsequent research commissioned by Mozilla found other vulnerabilities.