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Kendal expert will advise climate change 'assembly'

A university professor from Kendal will be one of the four expert advisors for a "citizens assembly" being put together on behalf of parliamentary committees to help decide government policy on climate change.

Rebecca Willis, who is based at Lancaster University, has done research on how MPs develop policies on dealing with climate change.

Becky Willis
Lancaster University

The citizens assembly will be made up of 110 people, chosen to reflect the population in factors such as age, sex, and attitudes to climate change, and 30,000 letters are going out this week to recruit members.

Professor Willis said: "My research shows that politicians know that urgent action is needed on climate, but they are not sure how to engage people, and how to win support for a comprehensive climate strategy."

The Citizens’ Assembly will allow participants to work with experts and politicians, to design a climate strategy which fits with people’s lives, values and aspirations."

Rebecca Willis
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