UK devolution

The Devolution Dividend

Twenty years on from the foundation of devolution, James Naughtie asks if it's delivered.
After the contests to establish the Assemblies in Belfast and Cardiff, and the Parliament in Edinburgh, how has devolution changed the nature of the United Kingdom?

James Naughtie speaks to former leaders, political experts and the people delivering public services to find out how much of an impact devolved administrations have had on the political and cultural landscapes of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As each nation faces enormous policy challenges in healthcare, education and Brexit, has devolution delivered the dividend that was promised?

Produced by Glyn Tansley

The Dream of Devolution?

James Naughtie begins his exploration of the Devolution Decades.
The way in which we govern our country is constantly evolving, reflecting an ever changing political landscape and how we see ourselves represented within that. 

Twenty years ago Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland became devolved nations within the UK, one of the most significant changes in constitutional history. 

Now James Naughtie goes in search of devolution in action, not only to establish what has been achieved so far, but looking at the way in which devolution might cope with the upheavals of Brexit.

In this major three part series - produced by teams from across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - James Naughtie considers the impact of devolution, exploring how it changed the face of UK politics forever. 

In the first episode, James Naughtie takes a look at how devolution came about, speaking with leading politicians of the day to build a comprehensive perspective of the devolution decades.

Produced by Caitlin Smith
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