UK devolution

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson says he does not oppose devolution

    The prime minister says that because he has criticised the performance of devolution does not mean he opposes it.

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    Video caption: Blackford: 'Tory mask has slipped on devolution'

    SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford has criticised the prime minister's position on devolution.

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    Video caption: Keir Starmer criticises Johnson on devolution comments

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said devolution was "one of the proudest achievements" of the last Labour government.

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    Video caption: Coffee cup confusion: The Internal Market Bill explained

    Coffee cups and single-use plastic can help explain why this proposed law is proving controversial.

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    Video caption: Burnham calls for more powers through devolution

    Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has said more devolution would help the UK.