Countdown to '100 days of lockdown' Facebook live event

Mariam Issimdar

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Thanks for joining us for our live updates page, which is closing down for the day.

We have been asking you on our BBC News: East of England Facebook page for your experiences during 100 days of lockdown.

Teacher and pupil during lockdown
Rebecca Trigg/Facebook

Rebecca Trigg posted this wonderful picture of dedication at Stapleford School in Cambridge.

"My daughter hadn’t seen her teacher in months. Our brilliant teacher suggested a lunchtime gate visit - here they are having an impromptu lesson on decimals," she wrote.

"Thanks to all the teachers doing what they can to make it work."

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'Returning to school makes me family's weak link for coronavirus'

Socially distanced desks

As secondary schools across the West re-open, teachers have been talking to us about how they feel about it.

Charlie, from Wiltshire, said he is worried students won't take social distancing as seriously as teachers and therefore he might be more at risk of bringing coronavirus home.

He said: "I am anxious about a formal return to school for larger groups of students.

"My school is very concerned about protecting our health and well-being, but at the end of the day we'll have to be in close contact with youngsters who simply don't have the same worries as me.

"I'll suddenly become the weak link in my family unit - I'm in my fifties so I'm worried, but my wife has asthma which is scary.

“She also supports her mum who is shielding herself while living alone, so if any of us do fall ill we would have that worry."

He said he feared the return to school would be hard for some students in particular.

"We've all been isolated for so long, returning will be really hard for many students, it's not the same as a summer holiday.

"Managing emotions and balancing some normality of schoolwork will be an ongoing issue."